1-of a-Kind : Fashionista Assignment

Filip Piotr Berdek is one of the flyest guys I've come arcoss lately.
From his in your face fashions, to his pencil thin frame.
He is on his way to becoming a solid name in the fashion industry.
He's 20 and already has his own jewerly line....

Filip loves all aspects of design, fashion; interior, art, architecture and graphics. Growing up around people who all felt the need to look and act the same made the person I am today, and that is the total opposite of who they are. My own motto is "be the most you can be", I never limit myself because I know how much I can do. Standing out in a crowd is what I do, never blend in

Hometown: Born in Poland, living in CT?

Experience: Currently in college, self-taught designer.

Current job: Jewelry Designer.

Stand out traits: Being an individualist, and innovator.

Who is your style icon?
-To be honest, no one. I find icons in everyone and everything that I see. It might be a person walking by me or a new or old celebrity. I like to keep my options open, no limits on inspiration.

What clothing item and brand are your staples?
-A cardigan is a must have. It looks great with anything, it can be dressed up or down. Also, a great leather jacket, preferably a shorter, bomber style. Jeans that are made to fit, no baggy fits, just the perfect pair in a darker wash. As for brand, American Apparel has great basics and Marc Jacobs for great trendy, but at the same time classic pieces.

What must-have wardrobe items should be in every man's/woman's closet?
-A man should have a great fitting suit, a pair of dress pants, loafers, white shirt, and a trench coat. Same goes for women, just add a great simple dress, not necessarily black, and of course great pumps, boots, and flats. Classic pieces which can be worn with more "now" styles.

Got a favorite handbag/men's bag?
-Of course. Any handbag from Marc Jacobs is great, his Marc Fall '07 bag collection for men is my favorite. Every man should have a Gucci portfolio, and every woman should own at least one Marni handbag.

Who is your favorite designer and why?
-I admire Valentino, not necessarily for his clothing, but for his outlook. He always did and continues to do what he likes, not sticking to the trends. Betsey Johnson and Vivienne Westwood because they both have been creating one of a kind pieces with great personal touches for years.

Got a favorite accessory or jewelry piece?
-Yes, I love accessories. A simple necklace is a must for me, and since I make them I have a ton. Also, suspenders and a skinny tie.

How would you describe you personal style?
-Hmmm, just me. Hard to describe, but very innovative and new. I do what I feel works for me. I never buy something off the rack and just wear it, I always feel the need to rework my pieces. A mix of vintage, glam, and a touch of city. I really don't know. I can't just name one.

What is it about fashion that excites you?
-The versatility. So many pieces can be done in so many ways. Fashion makes people feel and of course look better. New and fresh ideas always make me happy.

What direction do you think the fashion industry is going?
-I believe fashion lines are becoming very cliché. It seems as if the fashion industry is not really moving ahead with all the actors and singers wanting their own fashion lines because they simply do not have the same visions as many designers do. New and upcoming designers bring hope to the fashion world because they are offering new outlooks and extremely fresh ideas.

What can you bring different to the fashion industry?
-A lot. Not to come off as an ass, but I really believe I have a lot to offer. I see things in a new light, I never borrow ideas, I set my own rules, I am not boring. I can bring new rules to the fashion world that many designers have simply not done because they stick to the norm. Fashion has to be new, done with an innovative touch, and I know I can offer that.

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