Order Confirmation.

Photos: Emil Wilbekin and I have dinner @ Elmo-- just dropped off his pair of Marquis & Sham iWonder Limited Edition buttons

Death of my blog tunes; this might offend my blogger connects. Moment of silence. Do you know who that is? Emil Wilbekin--I just might stop blogging to focus on other ventures. He was the 12-year tenure as Editor-in Chief of “Vibe” magazine, Vice-President of development for the upscale Marc Ecko Collection and also as an editorial board member at Ecko-owned magazine Complex and more recently for his work as Editor-in-Chief of GIANT Magazine. Inspired yet? Good---great--better---best but I must leave it to rest. Can this serve as my two weeks? Lol we making a membership only society--you gotta register with your button confirmation number. I don't blog for my health. Sham we given out too much for free--do you see who my father is.

156 7th Ave
New York, NY 10011



Chop Shop.

Photos: Dinner Time

1/2 pound of chicken
Head of broccoli
Rice A Roni
Olive Oil
Seasoning Salt

Grease pan with olive oil. Sauté broccoli--add salt & pepper (optional: butter). Grill or fry chicken in separate pan. Place broccoli and chicken in pan together. Add seasoning salt and let simmer for 15 min. Simple.



Clip: Episode 2--Maestro's last day in Berlin

Who do you know going worldwide like my boy Maestro?



Photos: Impromptu jazz performance in Harlem

In an industry of late nights and hectic schedules its challenging to find time to relax. Sometimes a cappuccino and a sit down to watch some live jazz is all I need to get back to a calm place. Try to reach out beyond your normal repertoire and into the finer things in life.

Too bad I don't have the soundtrack with me to really let you in on the experience.


Shuffle My Cards.

Model: Josh Stanley
Agency: Major Model Management NYC


I'm Incredible.

Item: OXBOW By Bless



First Day Like An Intern.

Photos: Marquis & Sham buttons ( iWonder-Limited Edition )

I know you've been patient, checking back everyday to see if the for sale sign was up. Anxious and attentive; scrolling past fashion posts--Marquis pouts and how-to cuisines searching for the link that would set your LateBoots fantasy free. Well ladies and gentlemen, the day has arrived where you can become Marquis or Sham...or both at the same time if you're nasty. And I mean nasty at work, hustling till 3am and you have to get up at

Marquis and I have built a blueprint with LateBoots, becoming an extrovert has never looked so easy or so good? Then again don't let the photos fool you, we were born with a spoon in our mouths--it just wasn't silver. We worked with the tools we had and continue to find more along the way; I belong right where you see me. Buy your buttons today and see where you go tomorrow. But remember, there are side effects and proceed with caution.

LateBoots, it's a society of Hard Knocks--and some are called to do the teachin.

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Baggage Claim.

Photo 1: Argentine Malbecs
Photo 2-3 : Vineyard at Bodega Zuccardi.
Photo 4: Olive Oil tasting at Bodega Zuccardi
Photo 5: Market day in Villereal.
Photo 6: Hot Air Ballon Ride over Dordogne River in France, near former home of Josephine Baker.
Photo 7: Cape Coast South Africa
Photo 8: Johnica Reed, Lifestyle Writer & Philanthropy Professional

The Destination: Where ever she wants to go, a lifestyle and travel writer based in Washington, DC, Johnica globe-trots to countless international and domestic spots each year. From South Africa to France, to Yosemite Lakes and back, she is in the know on all things travel. Whether it's hip hotels, chic boutiques or unique dining experiences, she can uncover luxury and unique experiences in even the most nondescript cities.

The Flight Number: In late 2009 she will lauch a website for the jetset, but in the meantime you can find her on the Creative Cabinet of where she contributes weekly to the Excursions column, and on 'Wanderlust' with Johnica Reed at Where is she off to next? Martinique for the Tour des Yoles Rondes.

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Photos: BBQ at Prospect Park



Follow The Leader.

Sighting: Beyonce & Jay-Z shopping in New York

Black cars, Black card, Black everything.

pic C&D


We Are--Yeah I Said It--We Are.

Photos: SoBe Summer Fridays

Last Friday I avoided the camera's. I could barely move in my Calvin Klein suit and I didn't want to break---a sweat. But I used my down time for some dialogue time. Sky Gellatly is probably the marketing director for most of your favorite websites and brands. You see he has been Phi'ed. And Pierre Downing, you might know him from the tv. I think he's getting into acting. Oh and this other girl, I call her my Rihanna--she should be running the town. And to my new love, Briana--that is the new BFF. Yo B can I get a custom M. Phifer mens duffle bag?--I'll explain later. This Friday we'll be sipping cocktails by SoBe and enjoying a runway show and sample sale. Yeah I still can't help the ones who are not on the guest list. Send me an email on Saturday. Let's go B!

Oh and the highlighted names do move.


Facial Aerobics.

Photo: Inside my medicine gym

Did you RSVP to my Facial Aerobics class? If not then leave the facility now!! So I rarely let people inside of my prep room, and no there is no Michael Jackson type stuff goin on but alot of people ask me how do you--your skin is so--I want mine like. So because today looks as if it'll be a good day I decided to not only share but to show you what I use. Although I've used many products in the past I have now found the perfect workout regime for my face. I use lady products because the "mens" are too harsh for my delicate baby skin lol---and I honestly don't want my face to smell like an old man.

As surprised as it may seems I don't wash my face with water, I use L'Oreal Skin Genesis towelettes followed by Fashion Fair Deep Pore Astringent and Cetaphil Daily Moisturizer. It's also very important to exfoliate once every week, so I use Fashion Fair Facial Polisher. Yes all of these products can be found at department stores and your local drug store.

And that is my Dream Team.


Dressed In All.

Spotted: Black "Boom Pow" slippers and Gucci bag


Shoes With No Laces.

Collection: Philip Sparks Spring 2010