Carta : I Get It From Melania

Many wonder or question why I always look mad, or why I don't smile in pics. Blame it on Melania Trump- that's where I get it from.

from the editors room.
m a r q u i s . p h i f e r

Cartier Times: See I Told You They Was Fly.

That's all.

from the editors room.
m a r q u i s . p h i f e r

Juice Box: Oak Fall '08

The guys over at the Brooklyn boutique Oak have a LOT going on this week. They're finally bringing some of their Brooklyn style goodness to Manhattan and opening a boutique on Bond Street tomorrow. The store will carry many of the same brands that the Brooklyn location carries, including the house label of "basics" that includes amazing shredded, bleached jeans, great plaid wovens and some pleather. via we are the market


Juice Box: Just Another Rich Kid

New York based artist and designer Ken Courtney is the founder of the independent fashion label Ju$t Another Rich Kid. The collection is compromised of tailored, custom fit, men’s and women’s crew and v-neck t-shirts, short-sleeved polo shirts, and hooded sweatshirts. Every season a new collection is designed, using an electric mix of one-of-a-kind artist-drawn graphics, each with a hint of rebelliousness and a taste for all things pop culture and music-related. Ju$t Another Rich Kid has been noted every major fashion and lifestyle publication worldwide, including: Vogue, Surface, Clone, Neo2, DNR, Spoon, Blackbook, Antenna, Sportswear International, A4, V Man, Bon, Milk, L’Uomo Vogue, the New York Times, Flaunt, Zoo, Arena, Pig, Popeye, Genre, Clear, Time Out, Vice, Art:Review, Fader, Art Forum, Saatchi Online, WAD, among others. Get real familiar with Just Another Rich Kid.check out an exclusive interview with Ken Courtney at

Juice Box: The Award Tour

The Award Tour is on their second season 'Cold Winter', and has just released the lookbook with new pieces for a cold winter. Phil started the line in 07 and has already has two very successful collections including t's, crewnecks, hoodies, and beanies. The line is based on all of his inspirations growing up from the 90’s & comic books to hip hop & skateboarding all combined into what he calls “The Award Tour.” And at the tender age of 17, he is well on his way to stadium status.
check out the full lookbok at THEAWARDTOUR.COM

1-of a-Kind: I'm so over THIS

Rihanna is the latest celebrity to sport the milk mustache, encourage teens to drink three glasses of low-fat or fat free milk everyday, and eat right to stay lean and healthy. The ad debuts on February 5, 2008 in Teen Vogue. Here’s what the ad copy reads:

"Drink it up. Pop star? Not exactly. Milk is more my move. Some studies suggest that teens who choose milk instead of sugary drinks tend to be leaner and the protein helps build muscle. So shut up and drink".

Sorry RiRi.... hope this upcoming tour helps your career a little more... Because these "Got Milk" ads went out with Christina Milian's last album...

((get a new morning job babe...))


Juice Box: Are You Ready?


Cartier Times: Tyra Banks Stacking

Ty Ty Banks will produce another reality show as a companion to "America's Next Top Model." The untitled show will have contestants battling it out to win a position in the fashion industry. It's being described as a cross between "Devil Wears Prada" and "The Assistant." Each week contestants will take part in an individual challenge and a group challenge. One by one they will be eliminated. I am "low key" amped about this show. If you have ever seen the "Fasionista Diaries", you would probably understand why! Tyra Banks is filling her coin bags my people! ANTM has become one of the MOST successful running reality TV series, and NOT to even mention her talk show which is becoming more & more popular. I personally feel that Tyra is looking to be the next Oprah... You don't see it? I do! Well be on the look out for this one... Hell I may be on there!!

((Ty Ty Baby.... sitting on dough...))


LB Look Book: TIP in Jean Paul Gaultier

So this Spring-It's all about form fitting trousers and riding boots. Finally somewhat of "real fashion". Men's fashion BORING-It's too safe, and lacks any creativity. In order to be a fashionable man, it seems as if you would need look books to guide you on your way. And that's where JEAN PAUL GAULTIER comes in at. His FALL 2008 MENS COLLECTION is giving me what I need, well from the waist down atleast. High boots tucked in form fitting pants, a must!! It's my look for this Spring. But boys be ready, people will stare and take a double glance chanting "does he have on riding boots", some don't understand fashion, for they feel as if a suit and square toe shoes is making a statement. I adore all of these looks, it's for that man who wants to TIP into any event or place and bring something new.

Perfect. Thank God somebody came to work today.

from the editor's room.


Cartier Times: David Beckham for Emporio Armani

David Beckham introduces Emporio Armani underwear for men. Sexy and streamlined, the classic brief and stretch boxers, made from modal and cotton for the utmost in luxurious comfort has been going off of the shelf.
David Beckham gets his sexy off again for the sexy Emporio Armani underwear campaign, but this time with a more rough and tough look. The 32 year-old soccer player raised temperatures when he first unveiled his hot new look for designer label, Emporio Armani which left little to the imagination.
Yes people! Davie goes hard in these ads. I mean it doesn't take much for this man to be hands down flawless. Everything sits on him from mug, body, and just overall ambiance. I'm definitely pleased that EA is going with him again!

(( pics from ))

((this motivates me..... get em Beckham....))


Hall Closet:15-year-old Kira Plastinina shows at Rome Fashion Week

Young Russian designer Kira Plastinina has been causing a buzz amongst the industry for a while now, but that hasn't stopped her from showing her spring/summer '08 collection at Rome Fashion Week overnight. To anyone who was in any doubt of her ability, the 15-year-old made it clear that she wasn't the product of her father's multi-millionaire help, wearing a t-shirt which boldly declared: "The World!!! I'm not a SUGAR-BABY".
The fun, flirty show swayed between puffy skirts, micro shorts and latex-like trousers. Her first New York store is scheduled to open this March, with another ten planned for Manhattan and L.A. Plastinina made headlines when Paris Hilton modeled in her last show in Moscow, it was rumored that the heiress was paid1 million dollars to do so by her father Sergei Plastinina.

**Guy's she fifteen, and for that she gets an "A+" from me!! This is really good to be from a youngster!! I'm really proud of her!

((young PHISH making it happen...))


1-of a-Kind: Wonderbra by Dita Von Teese

Burlesque star Dita Von Teese has teamed up with Wonderbra to release a limited edition vintage-inspired collection. The collection named, Wonderbra by Dita Von Teese, will include three ranges for Wonderbra's, inspired by glamorous 1940s styling and vintage lingerie, with the her also the face of the designs. The collection is set to launch in the UK and France this September. Her waist is really cinched here. I know all my lovely, sexy wanna be "models" need to go out and cop this.... It would definitely be a good look!

((talk about a small waist....))



Next To The Floor : Citizen Kayne

Emerging designers have always been my favorite designers to follow, they go through growth and change right before the publics eye, somewhat similar to watching your child grow up and become a fashionable, law-abiding citizen. Jenni Kayne is a perfect example of an emerging designer blossoming very well. A rose that grew from well-tilled soil, Kayne launched her eponymous label in 2003. Kaynes love for fashion came shortly after viewing her first fashion show for Chanel at age 10, becoming "clothes obsessed". Living by fashion commandments, as reported by Harpers Bazaar, such as "sequins for lunch, white for winter and fur for everyday", Kayne embodies the sixties glamour that I am steadily searching for in 2008. For spring 2008, Jenni Kayne presented a collection that was far from being monochromatic. Three colors held a heavy presence for this season: purple, yellow and black. Impeccable tailoring for every piece, the bright yellow dress worn by ANTM winner Dani is one of my favorites, in addition to the box cut jackets. West coast refinery at best, it's no wonder the Olsen twins, Mischa Barton and Vanessa Traina adore this label. Bravo citizen Kayne, you are serving your country well.

Fabulously yours,
Jennifer Pauline

LB Watch: Sick-oning and the City!

EXPECT THIS! This is the most recent leaked pic from the "legend in the making" movie, Sex and the City! Let me be the first to let you all know that THIS MOVIE IS GOING TO RIVAL the classic "Devil wears Prada". Sarah Jessica and the crew is going to give you all that you want and need in this film. From every designer in the book, and even those who haven't even been made famous yet.... They're rocking the latest of EVERYTHING.
Catch the OFFICIAL movie trailer here!

((garments here, garments there.....))


LB Look Book: Cavalli for Spice Girls Tour

I don't have to lie. I went to a Spice Girls concert when I was twelve, and loved every lip-synced moment. While I may not be obsessively reenacting their dance routines in my living room listening to them much anymore, I still find myself squee-ing at these killer sketches of Roberto Cavalli's performance attire for the Spice ladies. I love how Cavalli translated their signature 90s looks, such as Mel B.'s animal prints and Geri's Union Jack dress, into silhouettes that are perfectly in step with 2008! I cant wait to see these fits on stage this year while the Girls give hell on somebodies stage!

((spice up your life.... Cavalli is crazy...))


Hall Closet: The "Peep" Hole

Yes. Peep toe boots... that’s right boots with a "peep toe". You may have managed fall without them, but if you want to experience of the moment Hollywood style, envision yourself perfectly coiffed (of course) navigating the snowdrifts that seep into your shoes as you get off your G4 Jet. Perhaps there is some spa treatment that could just stimulate the cooling sensation and is not as likely to induce pneumonia! What do you all think? Are you devotees of the bootee cult? Showing copious toe cleavage? You tell me....

**My take... I somewhat LIVE for them......

((those bootz were made for pumping....))


Cartier Times: It's A CHOP!

The 2008 NRJ Music Awards were held in Paris over the weekend, and Rihanna and Kylie Minogue were in attendance. Both gorgeous ladies chose dresses that had pretty detail on the back as well as the front, proving that fashion is a 360 degree experience – especially on the red carpet. Rihanna chose a dove grey toga style gown which draped over one should and flowed down her back. It was chinched back with a striped ribbon which gave the dress some much needed colour and pizazz. Kylie was not missing any pizazz in her floral gown. The mini dress featured stiff ruching around the bust before flowing out into a full mini skirt which featured a black silk band around the hem that was tied up into a rosette on her famous backside. It was a bold look, but also I think, a big fashion no. It was just too much.

((i dont see it... its a "silent" HIYAH!....))



Juice Box: Jemery Scott x Longchamp

Jeremy Scott got together for the second time with well-known French bag company Longchamp. Once again they collaborate on the classic Longchamp folding bag. This time it comes with a new footprint design. The bag is now available for 175 Euros in the Colette online store. Christmas may be long gone but I'm still taking gifts. *hint-hint


Juice Box: Everybody Nose

Check out Pharrell in this promo video for his Louis Vuitton 'Blason' jewelry line. I must say the pieces look better in this video than in the photos I've or maybe it's just the LV trunks in the video that excites me. I'll let you be the judge of that. Also, peep the new N.E.R.D track called "Everybody Nose" being played in the background.



Juice Box: DimePiece

They say "a picture is worth a thousand words" and you'll definitely be a picture of perfection when wearing a sassy DimePiece tee. DimePiece, designed by L.A. based duo Ashley Jones and Lara Fama, is "street chic" at its finest. With slogans like “Skinny Doesn't Always Win” and "Ain't No Wifey", this brand was created for the fearless fashionista in you.So, just what is a DimePiece?

"A DimePiece™ is a woman who appeals to her audience with genuine swag. She is a self-governing revolutionary who embodies all that is sexy. She proclaims her opinion and attitude through her adventurous dress. She is educated by the books as well as the streets. Our products are for all who want to make a statement and aren't afraid to leave the restrictions at the door. Lets be a go-getter, a kitten with claws, a fashion aficionado and a memorable individual who is essentially the perfect ten." -Lara Fama (co-owner)Check out their website @ I must admit, the colors and ambiance these women bring are very appeasing. I adore the whole concept that is presented. Check em out!

((come on "DIMEPIECE"....))


Cartier Times: Childish

A model in the making! It’s model/actress Liya Kebede’s 2 year old daughter Raee. Liya is creating a line of children’s clothes called Lemlem and her daughter is her muse..and model of course. All of her clothes will be made in her home country of Ethiopia.Liya & her child are absolutely beautiful. It is ridiculous how much she resembles her mother and I definitely think that she will follow in her mothers footsteps as a supermodel in the future.

((Next to the floor can I see... that face CHILD.. that BABY face



Style Block Celeb Edition: Lucy Liu

Lucy Liu pairs her purple single-strap Valentino dress with a bold pink accordion wrap during Paris Fashion Week on Wednesday. The Cashmere Mafia star finished off her look with a bejeweled hard-cased clutch and metallic heels.

To the right, Russian supermodel Sasha Pivovarova.

Who wore it best — LUCY LIU or SASHA?

**My pick: SASHA ate her alive! Simplicity is KEY in this case!

((you be the judge....))


Cartier Times: Sitting... Behind the Frames

These "queens" are NASTY! Yes, Dita Von Teese, Claudia Schiffer, and (the GRAND) Victoria Beckham sat front row at the Roland Mouret Haute Couture show in Paris today. These ladies are the real "GAG"! Like my Lateboots lovers know that I love Mrs. Beckham, but Dita is my new found love. She is absolutely insane with it! Sick! I'm almost willing to bet Claudia Schiffer has something up her sleeve... I just know it!!

((it's upgrading season....))


Hall Closet: Valentino's Final Strut

The legend that is Valentino, farewelled the fashion world yesterday in spectacular style. After 45 years in the business, the Italian designer waved goodbye to the crowd for the last time, amid a sea of red chiffon.
There might not have been a dry eye in the house but that didn't stop Valentino from presenting his final haute couture collection to a massive audience of 900 people. From royalty to stars of the screen, the Roman couturier marked his 90th collection with a subtle nod to his signature styles.
Lady-like tailoring mixed with floor-sweeping gowns, reminiscent of Princess Diana and Jackie O, (some of Valentino's most famous muses), echoed down the runway. The show began with pastel skirt suits and beaded chiffon before swiftly moving on to floral print after five dresses.One-shouldered evening gowns signaled Valentino's final red carpet moment in candy colours and metallic champagne satin. Gone With The Wind style wide brim hats also added a notable moment, as did the stream of models who took over the catwalk for the finale in exactly the same red dress, allowing Valentino to take his last bow.

((sighs.. I look at it like this... He's making room for US!! We will greatly miss him!))



I must say that this is a special edition of STYLE BLOCK. These kicks are so FRESH and the gold is amazing. They caught my eyes, I'm a big fan of the Reebok Pump and I am so glad that they have come back. These joints right here hasn't even hit the states yet, they are only sold in Japan, studies show that they should be reaching the States by the summer!

So Reebok you get 10 stars from me!



Hall Closet: EXCLUSIVE!! D&G Spring Fashion Show Footage.

I recently posted and ran some lines about Dolce & Gabbana's Spring line which I find very appeasing. Considering the fact that in the past they have had some pretty racy campaigns, this one has everybody really happy in the industry because it's all about ART this time around, and they use REAL SUPERMODELS!!! Here's exclusive footage from the Spring Show in Milan. Get in!

((giving u runway... footage))


Hall Closet: Walking out of Cardigans!

Around a 75-foot tall replica of an iconic Chanel cardigan jacket did the models at the Chanel spring/summer '08 couture show circulate yesterday. The giant structure sat in the center of Paris's Grand Palais and rotated slowly, you know... just in case you happened to forget where you were. The show's finale saw Karl Lagerfeld greet model Devon Aoki for the crowd-pleasing finish.The French house's timeless Chanel jacket was not only the show's centerpiece, but also held a strong presence in the show, with new versions of the tweed skirt suit. Romantic puffs, pleats and drapery added fresh elements, while heels were tossed aside in favour of flats... yes, flats!The soft colours of shells in pale pink and cream contrasted neatly against black detailing in ruffles, feathers and metallic embellishment. In a mostly shirt-skirt collection, the inspiration of shells and an underwater world left swirls of tulle in just a handful of exquisite floor-sweeping gowns. Now EVERYBODY knows that I don't live for the FLAT SHOE, but since it's Karl... I'll accept it here! Besides... he got phish pumping out of a CARDIGAN the size of BEYONCE'S wig trunk! Yessssss Karl!!

((once again... he delivers...))


Juice Box: Sicko-Ning

Skateboard brand Supra does it again with the NS Trinity series. The kicks are more upscale & made with quality materials like Leather & snakeskin. I can see it now, me and a "Beat" Phish front row at a Knick game in her matching Louboutin's. More Pics in "Read More".

The Life i live.

-Richy Ro$$


Heath Ledger (1979-2008)

Ledger was found dead in his apartment in Manhattan on Tuesday, January 22. He was 28. It is being reported that two bottles of sleeping aids were found-one prescription bottle and one over-the-counter, which would make an accidental overdose more likely. An autopsy is scheduled for Wednesday, but it will be weeks before an answer as to his passing.

Our hearts go out to his family and for Heath's 2 year old daughter, Matilda.

Hall Closet: Haute Goddamn Couture!

This really is why John Galliano is one of my all-time favorite designers - his penchant for drama, it seems, is limitless.The colours! The lightness! The embroidery! It looks magical. The architecture of lightness and volume in this whirlwind of extreme colour took Galliano's vision of John Singer Sargent's portrait of Madame X to a whole other level. Origami-style structures refused to be weighed down by heavy decoration such as embroidery, plastic flowers and clumps of sparkly bits.Topping off each masterpiece was a frizzed high hairdos and saucer-style hats in a '60s vibe. Models were perched on typically crazy Dior platforms to perform for flash-bulbing photographers. It's a shame that we may not get to see any of it on the Oscars red carpet. I don't understand why people don't wear these wonderful creations out!Amid a crisis on the stock markets yesterday, it seems that fantasy at the highest end on the catwalks will not be sacrificed. "Haute couture is the place for dreams," said Galliano. Amen to that!

((this is pure IGNORANCE.... What I LIVE for.))


Hall Closet: K by Karl Lagerfeld

K by Karl Lagerfeld was just launched for fall 2007 with the help of Notify designer Maurice Ohayon and Stephen Gan co-founder of "Visionaire" magazine, and it's already becoming quite popular among the young and hip crowd. The brand is based on t-shirts and jeans, which Lagerfeld insists is the base of modern dressing.Judging from the spring 2008 advertising campaign staring Jeisa Chiminazzo and Brad Kroenig, and its sleek lines carefully teamed with vintage-inspired pieces, this is one brand for the modern girl. Question is, will Lagerfeld introduce wide legged jeans when skinnies have been ruled out?Who knows? Karl can do what he wants, when he wants. It's that simple. When you send bitches down the GREAT WALL OF CHINA to pump down... You got it for me! Karl is STUPID!

((next to the WALL, can I see??!!!))