Juice Box: Honeyshed-The Fashion Video

Honeyshed, a new fashion / entertainment video network focused toward sneaker culture and streetwear set to all the trendy underground music of the moment. The site is basically a live fashion blog, magazine, and brand advertisements into one. The site will host about 30 shows centered on product categories, like gadgets, beauty, denim and sneakers, that will be switched out every week.



Carta: Fix Your Face

With a campaign entitled "Fix Your Face" Barc is storming into the beauty industry with a big bite.

Barc is a new, specially formulated line of top shelf skin care products dedicated to helping you look and feel your best at all times. Created and tested to service the specific skin care needs of men, it's sensitive enough for the ladies in your life to borrow from time to time. And get this, Barc works for everyone, by design. No matter your skin type or skin tone. It's just that good. We take your skin seriously, because we know you do as well.

I am such a fan of these products (( waiting on my endorsements )) and I recommend this line to any man who wants clear skin.
Some of the products I use is the facial wash "BUMP DOWN"-reduces irritation and ingrown hair from shaving, while preventing new bumps from occurring and "GAME FACE"-long-lasting facial moisturizer with sun protection. Never leave the house without SP15.

So, fix your face.


To purchase >>> Get Barc

Hall Closet: Hats

Im not really a fan of hats, but these pieces from D&G are hot. Its beginning to look alot like Christmas, and the weather is causing us to pull out our scarfs and beanies. And look at our boy-model Tionne, I see you!! (( Be sure to check out our previous Go-C post on him ))


To Purchase D&G Hats>> Neimans

Juice Box : Fashion Groupie

Being a vistor of LateBoots, I would hope that you are some sort of a fashion groupie-Cause Im really diggin these new fashion tee-shirts from the House of Holland. With sayings such as "Do me daily Christopher Bailey" , and "Do me in the park Marc" you are sure to turn fashion heads!!


to purchase shirts >>> House Of Holland

Hall Closet: Book of Style

I'm hoping that if you visit LB on the regular, I'm PRAYING that you watch or have watched an episode of Project Runway. Mychael Knight is a very good friend of ours so we tuned in and watched every episode when he was on. Anyway, Nina Garcia is a guest judge on the show as well as the fashion editor for ELLE magazine. I absolutley love her style, and her ambiance. She has written her first book simply entitled "Book of Style".I just recently finished Andre Leon Talley's memoir which is by the way a great book. Everyone needs to read every once in a while, why not read about style?! It hits stores early November! Make sure you check it out!

Go-C: Ali Stephens

Google the name “Ali Stephens” and you’re likely to find a few dozen sites featuring a girl whose beauty is simply out of this world, a muse for Balenciaga, Chloé, and Prada strutting down the runway like a seasoned pro. When I searched for her, I kept clicking through the list, hoping to see more photos and started coming across statistics for a cross-country runner named Ali Stephens from Utah with an interest in marine biology!

As it turns out, these two girls are the same person: the girl that glides down the catwalk can also run a blisteringly fast cross-country race! And the reason why photographs are relatively few and far between is because Ali was discovered only last August! Yes, August of 2007 and she landed on the runways of the crème de la crème of designers’ weeks later in the Milan and Paris Fashion weeks.

(talk about getting "discovered"...)


Hall Closet: Spray HER!

The latest issue of Teen VOGUE rendered Marc Jacobs newest creation, "DAISY" to be the scent of the season. Marc Jacobs usually comes thru with scents but I dont know about this one. I took a sniff of the sample and it smelled like driving Miss Daisy! It was giving me early sunday morning when my grandmother was putting on her white "women's day" suit! I think the bottle is super cute, but compared to his past signature scents this one didnt sit well with me. So you check it out, and let me know how you feel!

(come on Pastor


Cartier Times: Golden Star

I can not wait to start partying with these high powered people in fashion, but untill then, pics will have to do. Francisco Costa hosted a house party, no-no, not the kind with bangin beats and spiked punch. The party was celebrating the release of Hamish Bowles' new book, Vogue Living: Houses, Gardens, People. We snagged a few pics of Diane von Furstenberg, and Vogue's Andre Leon Talley (( YES )) I always love new york fashion-they have this swagger where they can pull off any look-So I decided to give out golden stars to the best ensembles!


LB Watch: Halloween Knight

Join LB tonight at Django Lounge as we party with Mychael Knight!! The Best costume gets $100, wait till you see ours!!
(( fashion inspired ofcourse ))



Juice Box: Shawty is a 10!

DimePiece, a female streetwear brand, released their fall and winter collection. The collection is exclusively available at Cultist Shop.



Juice Box: Pa:nuu

Pa:nuu-a new streetwear line from Denmark ran by Jacob Hoilund and Cathrine Nielsen, two young designers with a passion for powerful graphic expression. You won’t miss their pieces on the streets with the bold colors and symmetric patterns. It’s definitely an 80’s influenced collection.




Juice Box: Mr. West

Kanye West has teamed up with co-author J. Sakiya Sandifer to make his literary debut. In the words of Kanye, "it’s an entertaining volume of Kanye-isms”. It captures the creative, humorous and insightful philosophies and anecdotes used in creating his path to success. With the same wit, playful irony, and piercing insight found abundant in Kanye’s lyrics. In Thank You And You're Welcome, Kanye’s says,” I deliver my personal message uncensored, without any five-second delay or media distortion.”

info: Kanye West
Click here to pre-order

me likey!

Juice Box: Test Page Wall Clock

If your old enough, you may remember back when T.V would go off. Well this great wall clock by NeXtime replicated that screen onto a great clock. It also resembles the D&G steel link watch featured on the site in September.



LB Showroom : Ralph Lauren

The biggest secret in my wardrobe- nearly everything is Ralph Lauren. Im a fan of Mr.Lauren as if he was a pop star. From his purple label slippers, to his perfect tailored cuts. I NEED HIM IN MY LIFE!

When I was a young boy, I was so not attracted to that "preppy" tweed look; but now as a man, I value the prestigious look of his garments. With Ralph Lauren, its all about the custom tailored fit, which is key to completing a look-where the ensemble looks as if it was made for you. I find that when I put on a Ralph Lauren piece, I begin to feel powerful-exclusive. And Ralph Lauren will never go out to style-classic pieces. With product lines such as Polo/Ralph Lauren for Men, Ralph Lauren for Women, Double RL, Ralph Lauren Home, and even Ralph Lauren paint; he is definitely creating an empire and a certain style of living. Ralph Lauren operates about 275 retail and outlet stores in the US and licenses more than 100 others worldwide. I prefer to shop on his website, I ask that you know your measurements and waist sizes because the fit is key to completing a look.



LB Watch: Broke & Boujee

Some see us and think that all we do is party. True. Lol no. This past friday LB attented Broke & Boujee hosted by Fadia Kader- the hottest chic in the game. We love to attend Broke & Boujee, everyone is always so unique and fabulous...and ofcourse we have the best times ever!! We work hard, and we party hard. Shout outs to Kim (Lavish Life), Nicole Garner, Dreamer, Lyndsey ( THE GREEN GROUP ) Jennifer Pauline, KJ Stuckey & Brian Patrick Davis ( )



Phifer Book Review : Fonzworth Bentley

So as promised, Im back with the review of Advance Your Swagger: How to Use Manners, Confidence, and Style to Get Ahead by Fonzworth Bentley. I have to say, I did learn a few things. As a young professional, I think its keen to have this type of knowledge reinstalled into our daily lives. I can't say to much about the book because you NEED to read it!! But I promise, you will love it!

Inside you’ll learn everything you need to know about

• the magic of Please and Thank You
• the art of eating well, from which glass to use to handling the napkin
• the basics of fine dining, whether you’re a host or a guest
• the do’s and don'ts of cell phones, e-mail, and text messaging
• projecting confidence through your body language
• the power of introductions
• what to do before, during, and after a job interview
• body maintenance, from hair to toes to pearly whites
• the principles of timeless fashion, so you never go out of style
Plus “Bent Hints”–little things to keep in mind for any occasion

I enjoyed this book so much and its a must read for the Young Professional.

To purchase his book click >> Advance Your Swagger



Juice Box: Something Like A Phenomenon

Well known streetwear line--Phenomenon, has updated their site with Autumn / Winter creations. Interesting photography with a retro/80's twist. Enough talk, just visit the site!



Juice Box: They Wanna Get the Glory

Now I've been going hard on giving you alot of hot sneakers for the fall, but i couldn't let these joints fall threw the cracks. The Puma Central Saint Martins Bursary Fund allowed students to re-vamp some of Puma's most classic footwear styles. Here we have one of the top 3 creations, which are available in Puma Concept stores worldwide.

priced at €30 Euros= $43 USD ((now that's a bargin!))

me likey!


LB Look Book : Obedient Sons

Give me everything in all different colors!! Im so in love with Obedient Sons. I feel as if I were to wear OS I should be driving a 1970's Volkswagen with a peace sign plastered on the back. But I must admit, Im really into the layering and those blazers. Fashion is all about pushing the envelope and thinking outside the box. So If you choose to wear a blazer with shorts, I say go for it. When I dress, I like to mimic a certain era. Im currently into the Harlem Knights look- you know that preppy yet glam circa. Nevertheless, Obedient Sons is bringing something new to the fashion world, so I say get with it...peace!


Juice Box: Salt & Pepper

Crooks & Castles released a new addition from their Illuminate Collection. The exclusive Illuminate Collection is only available in a handful of shops and represents the more upscale sub-line of Crooks & Castles. Pieces from this collection are now in stores.

Available at Haven


Juice Box: Air Jordan x Air Force, Huh?

Air Jordan x Air Force Fusion pack combines to classics in sneaker history, which has created mixed reviews. The Fusion series will release on January 5th, 2008 at Jordan Lifestyle accounts. To be honest I’m not of fan of this project. I love Forces and Jordans but seeing them together isn’t so appealing.

Price is set at $145


Juice Box: See these Ice Cubes, See these Ice Creams

New releases in BBC | Ice Cream are set to drop Saturday, October 27th at the BBC | Ice Cream Hong Kong. Items include an Ice Cream Waffle tee, Ice Cream New Era fitted cap, and a BBC trucker cap. I’m definitely a fan of BBC | Ice Cream, which are now in the process of opening another store in NYC. Maybe Atlanta will be in the works on down the line!

me likey!



Hall Closet: I Live...

It's Heidi, it's Tyra, NO... It's Andre J.

Yes, on this month's issue of VOGUE Paris, is none other than New York socialite, and fashion guru Andre J. I have always seen pictures of this guy at several events but to nab the cover of the "book of all books", he must be doing something right! Andre J is known for his outlandish ensembles, stylish hairdo's, and most of all his bubbly personality. He has also walked the runway for Heatherette and has been the muse for his own tasteful designs. Andre J. has quoted that he has acquired his many blessings solely off being positive and full of life! I commend him for all of the things he's accomplished. Catch some more pics after the cut.... Come on VOGUE!

(damn, Beyonce hasn't even made the cover yet!)


Juice Box: Just Say NO!

In infamous stronger frames-is what I like to call them. Kanye made heads turn when he came on the scene wearing these and they have been bootlegged like LV purses. Aubrey O'Day and The Cobra Snake backstage of Heatherette at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week at Smashbox Studios were spotted rocking a black pair. To be honest when I first saw Ye rocking them I knew I had to cop me a pair but the thrill is gone.


Hall Closet: And the Walls came tumbling down..

Last week history was stomped on literally, as the Great Wall of China recieved it's first ever makeover. Fendi's creative director Karl Lagerfeld took it to the extreme with this exclusive runway collection, as he turned this worldwide historic landmark into the longest runway ever. This collection featured 88 new pieces from Fendi which were inspired by artsy Japanese culture and compiled of shades of black and white, with a blast of color to bring it all together. Stars such as Kate Bosworth and Thandie Newton were in attendance as history unfolded. Can Karl Lagerfeld do anymore damage? Catch the show after the jump...

(walk whores... and i mean WALK!)


m.Writes : just a sentence.

This is the first installment of the m.Writes Collection. As a young up and coming professional I think its vital for my peers to have a place where they can get motivated and reassured. We all are on our paths to becoming a better person; in our careers and personal lives. My notes are always randomly thought of; I will wake up with something on my mind, then I try to write it on paper.-Well type it rather. I want to inspire you. So to keep you and myself on our paths. I bring you notes from Tionne among other authors.

m.Writes : just a sentence is a collection of quotes that I pulled from various author's and writers. Its that simple sentence that sums up everything that you might be going through, or that extra push you might have needed. Hopefully you'll find something between the lines.


m.Writes after read more..........

"Everytime you submit your will to someone else's opinion, a part of you dies."
- Lauryn Hill

"motivation = stimulation to elevation."
- tionne

"evolution is a must, but so much has to be sacrificed in order to evolutionize."
- tionne

"Some people see things as they are and say Why. I dream things that never were and say Why not."
- George Bernard Shaw

"I knew that I had come face to face with some one whose mere personality was so fascinating that, if I allowed it to do so, it would absorb my whole nature, my whole soul, my very art itself."
- Oscar Wilde

"i done been through too much to be phased by too much more."
- tionne

"Love me or hate me, but spare me your indifference."
- Libbie Fudim

"i've learned the key to happiness is self-served. but i'll interject somethin' deep... i don't even want happiness. i seek balance."
- tionne

"Whatever words we utter should be chosen with care for people will hear them and be influenced by them for good or ill."
- Buddha

"Nothing is good or bad, but thinking makes it so."
- William Shakespeare

"Religion is for those who are afraid to go to hell and Spirituality is for those who have been there."
- Peggy of Boston, MA 2007

"you can't - or won't make or break ME."
- tionne

"there is nothing greater than saying... i'm alive."
- tionne

"Often the test of courage is not to die but to live."
- Conte Vittorio Alfieri

"Develop the mind of equilibrium. You will always be getting praise and blame, but do not let either affect the poise of the mind: follow the calmness, the absence of pride."
- Sutta Nipata

"A small group of thoughtful people could change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."
- Margaret Mead

'You gotta be able to look at yourself as a business, as stock, and the less things you do, the more people will have interest in you. The more things you do, you water down your value.'
-Jay Z


Carta : Should Men Wear Makeup?

For years Women have been known to wear makeup; to embellish and emphasize, yet hide blemishes. So what's the BIG deal with men doing the same? Men who wear makeup should not have their sexuality questioned. Makeup is for vanity purposes. Male models, actors, even your favorite hip-hop star puts on makeup before they hit the camera. It's all in the name of "looking our best". Masking the signs of aging, or enhancing our features does'nt make us any less of a guy. I think our society clings on the traditional paradigms of manhood. Is it admirable for a man to take his imperfections with grace and carry on with his life?

For the guys who want that flawless look, there is hope. Menaji is a men's makeup line that specializes in skincare and concealers.


For the brave, click here to purchase their products Menaji

LB Look Book : South Korea

Here are a few of my favorite looks from the 2007 Fall/Winter Hallyu Fashion Festival in Seoul, South Korea. The clothes look very similar to American fashion. I thought I would see something different. Remember, alot of these runway looks are hella expensive, so I would recommend you find a look from magazines, ads etc.... and shop for those pieces in a store that your pocket book can afford....