But I Gave You 50 Dollars...Did U Eat It All

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I Have Patrick

Tons of your favorite models and people in fashion attend Les Photographes Pour Patrick Dermachelier's Party on September 29, 2008 in Paris, France.Patrick Dermachelier

And for the longest I thought he was a made up character on The Devil Wears Prada, oh don't act like I was the only one.

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Damn Those Twins And Those Lips

Ok so let me confess, when I first posted the pictures of the Olsen twins displaying their infamous pout, click here for original post, I had no idea of the "prune" secret-which is when you utter the words prune when taking a photo so your lips can pout. Well this past weekend I tried it and ended up looking like my lips were stuck together. So in my attempt to change the world and how we take photo's- you know it's a global change-I want some of you to send me pics of you doing the prune secret to see if that shit really works.Im dying to see what I get cause don't act like I was the only one playing in the mirror.

The secret is in the first "pru" sound, gets it everytime.

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Now This Is A Working Model

Wendell Lissimore for Stone Island FW'08/09 Ad Campaign

photos: Simon Thistleton
stylist: Simon Foxton

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New Face

Adama Elite Milan

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Opening Ceremony

Utility Flannel Shirt
Motor Cardigan

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Janelle Monae Looks...

A personal friend of mine Ms. Monae is the the epitome of old Hollywood male glamour. In a nut shell is the style icon. It's funny because her and I use to joke and say that I was the male version of her. I use to shop for looks and I would let her know when I found something that she would like. She hates the way women's garments fit so she get's almost all of her pieces made and tailored to her little figure. So I've found a few "feminine" Janelle Monae looks from good ol' Ralph Lauren himself. These looks can be worn by the girly girl who wants that old school look-yet still being sexy.

Churchill Leather Jacket

Larena Striped Shirt

Pia Patent Canvas Boot

Happy Hunting!!

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My Balmain Picks

When I saw this collection it reminded me of Ricky. She's that girl that rocks what she wants and at the end, it all makes sense.

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Bring Ya Parasol

New joint from Mr. Bentley "A-Town Streets"-click HERE to listen.


Maison Martin Margiela Blazers

Brick-Print Blazer

Replica Double-Breasted Blazer

Striped Blazer

Oh, don't be silly - EVERYONE wants this. Everyone wants to wear this.

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And You Can Do Anything. Right?

Ash Button Side Wooden Heeled Ankle Boots

We need more, don't we? Oh. This is- This might be- What do you think of...

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Those Choices Are Necessary

Pink Soda Lurex Tweed Funnel Neck Coat

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Don't Worry

“Life is one big road with lots of signs. So when you riding through the ruts, don't complicate your mind. Flee from hate, mischief and jealousy. Don't bury your thoughts, put your vision to reality . Wake Up and Live!” -Bob Marley


My Picks...

Mjolk - FALL 08


Hood Love

Finally on the market are Taz Arnold's four finger "LOVE" rings that come in six different colorways, which have also been spotted on Solange. Cop yours today at Choiceisyours More colorways after the jump...


Sky High

Diet Butcher Slim Skin Hi-Top Sneakers. Available for pre-order at Glaice.


I Need The New Flaunt On My Desk

6 page Prada editorial in Flaunt Magazine-Salieu Jalloh, Courtney Taylor, Marcus Lloyd, Anderson Noel and Sy Alassane.

Photographer Kevin Amato
Style Director Long Nguyen


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Wendell's World

Model Wendell Lissimore took to the streets of Williamsburg, Brooklyn and showed why he's the boss. This guy kills it everytime.
photos: David Waage
stylist: Amit Gajwani

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Black Boys In The Building

Let me first say how much I love Bleu Magazine, when Sham and I was in New York we attended their 2nd Year Anniversary party where we met CEO Devon Christopher...who is now one of my good friends. Now most already know how it is being black in the industry and no Im not about to give you a violin story, my take on it is that if there is a shortage step your game up and know your shit. So I look at DC as a person who is taking matters into his own hands by launching a magazine that features mostly "ethnic" models aka black boys between you and I. Speaking of black boys let's talk about their beauty.

Bleu Magazine celebrates Fall/Winter 2008 Fashions and along the way makes a statement specifying the reason why "Black Boys are Beautiful," in the forthcoming fall Fashion Issue of Bleu Magazine, available on newstands on October 7th, 2008. "Imagine if every man of color was raised to believe that he was beautiful?," asks Devon Christopher, Publisher of Bleu Magazine.

"What if when, the world and mainstream media call him ugly or an animal, that his neighbors, friends and family reminded him everyday that he is beautiful? What if when he looked in the mirror and saw a smile in the reflection every time? What if old ladies didn't cross the street when they saw him approaching them? Sometimes when you're a grown ass man it's too late to say hey, "you're beautiful". So today we take a stand and celebrate the thought of all "Black Boys are Beautiful", adds Devon.

Bleu chose 8 of the hottest male models entering the industry and or already trailblazing the runways and print pages of the US, United Kingdom, France, Italy and South Africa. These boys (young men if you must) are challenging the gun-toting, broken English, over-muscular imagery of men of color that has saturated our subconscious. So as you turn the pages take a long look at these beautiful faces. It may be the first time you see many of them, but it won't be the last.

"The Black Boys are Beautiful feature is a tribute and a reflection of the struggle black male models have faced on their long journey to being acknowledged in this fickle and superficial industry, states Antino Angel Crowley, Fashion Editor for Bleu Magazine. I hope that this issue inspires every young black male and all other ethnic backgrounds that picks it up to realize that they truly are beautiful," he adds.Devon you a fool for this one!!! Issue on stands October 7th!!
( 2 days after my birthday ) yep, black boys r in the building!!

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