Myths About That Poison Juice

Aight so Im not condoning drinking but hey it's New Yrs Eve and most of us will be out partying getting f'ed up. Please drink responsibly and DO NOT DRIVE. The boys in blue will be out heavy tonight. So I was inspired to post a few myths about hangovers. The last one I had was the day after halloween. I don't remember what happened on halloween. That's bad. A hangover is the body’s reaction to being poisoned with too much alcohol. Heavy drinking rocks the central nervous system. It tinkers with brain chemicals -- leading to headache, dizziness, and nausea -- and sends you running to the bathroom so often you become dehydrated. The morning-after price of this imbalance can include a pounding headache, fatigue, cotton mouth, queasy stomach – and a weakened immune system. So below are a few myths and questions and answers related to alcohol.

Pop Pain Pills Before Bed
Over-the-counter painkillers peak in about four hours, so the effect of a bedtime dose will be gone by morning. A better plan is to take the pills when you first wake up. Avoid taking acetaminophen after a night of drinking. Alcohol disrupts how the liver processes acetaminophen, possibly leading to liver inflammation and permanent damage.

Coffee is the Cure
Coffee leads to more dehydration and could make your hangover worse. After a night of drunkenness, it’s best to avoid anything with caffeine. Instead, sip water and sports drinks to counter dehydration and replace lost electrolytes. This is especially important if you experienced any vomiting.

Herbal Remedies Can Help
British researchers reviewed the available studies on hangover pills, such as yeast and artichoke extract.They concluded that there is no compelling evidence of any effective treatment. Another British team found a supplement made from prickly pear cactus may reduce the nausea and dry mouth associated with hangovers, but not the dreaded headache. The only proven cure is time.

Hangovers Are Gender-Blind
Use caution when enjoying those free drinks on Ladies’ Night. Given the same drinks, women are more likely to be slammed with the effects of alcohol than men. Scientists say there’s good reason for this. Men have a higher percentage of water in their bodies, which helps dilute the alcohol they consume. When women drink the same amount, more alcohol builds up in the bloodstream.

Wine is the Gentlest Choice
Red wine contains tannins, compounds that are known to trigger headaches in some people. Malt liquors, like whisky, also tend to produce more severe hangovers. If you’re worried about how you’ll feel in the morning, the gentlest choices are beer and clear liquors, such as vodka and gin.

A Wake-Up Cocktail is the Cure
More alcohol in the morning does nothing but postpone a hangover. The worst symptoms hit when blood-alcohol levels drop to zero. If you have a screwdriver at breakfast, this moment will just come later in the day. And if you find you can’t function without a wake-up cocktail, you should discuss the possibility of addiction with your doctor.

Sleep it Off
Many people assume that drinking caffeinated beverages or taking a cold shower will help them sober up and snap out of a hangover. It will help you feel more awake, but it can't help your body remove the alcohol from your system or speed up your recovery.

happy new year it.
Be beat. Be safe.

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