Top Heavy.

Item: Alejandro Ingelmo Woven High Top

: Expertly built from the finest leathers and the most durable of sole units by the best Italian craftsman, the New York based designer comes through once again – you will be hard pushed to find sneakers of this quality.The toe is smooth black Italian Nappa leather with an amazing woven silver metallic leather side panel. They're detailed with a chunky side zip and have contrasting off white vulcanised rubber sole and bright white laces. source

available HERE


Maestro Knows Ep. 2

Maestro Knows - Episode 2 (Anthony Hamilton) from Maestro Knows on Vimeo.



Point & Shoot.

Images: Photos taken by Lenny Kravitz for Vogue Russia April issue.


Mac Book Air.

Clip: Update your passion.
-Phifer out the Country
3/30-until I bottle it up.



That Walk.

Clip: Brooke's date on "Candy Girls"

Im infatuated with Brooke from "Candy Girls"...how you built like dat with those.....and that.....and when you walk they dribble...yesss banjee and i f's wit it. Classy and conservative can be boring at times, so a slight banjee'ness is more attractive. Thick girls who pop gum, wear door knockers, keep a tight weave and have a mean walk gets the vote, it's the realism that wins.


I Just Paid My Cable Bill.

Photo: Filet mignon-Houston's Restaurant, Houston, Texas

It's Saturday, and most of my bills are paid!! So with my left over money Im spending it on some well earned food. I think shopping can sometimes be overwhelming, so spend a lil dough on sexy expensive food and I promise you'll feel grand. So I strolled into one of my favorite restaurants last week as I was in Houston, Texas. Now Im not really fond of the whole menu at Houston's, but I like to keep it simple with the burgers and steaks, minus those weak ass fries they serve, they be so thin right. Overall the place gives me what I need, the best $30.00 spent, oh and order the spinach dip, it's the jump off.


You Should've Got Braids.

Clip: The Witches, 1990 movie

Im so loving this right now, this movie was crack, and one of my favorite clips from the 1990 movie, The Witches, was when The Grand High Witch conducted her meeting in this purple couture joint lol. The gloves!!! crazy, and her face gave me Chanel. One of my aunts use to wear wigs and everytime she came over I would say "you may remove your wigs", she got a crack out of it. I will say, after this movie I did not accept candy from white women and I always looked for purple eyes lol. These were staple movies in my childhood, and if you weren't borin in the 80's to experience child hood in the 90's...that sucks for you. They don't produce movies like this anymore.



Male Choreography.

Clip: Rude Boys- "It's Written All Over Your Face" video

Where my over 21+ crowd at? Choreography + these haircuts is crazy in this video. Remember when the barbershop college was packed on Saturdays...no? Don't tell me you paid $15.00 for a cut back in the day...naw it was $5.00 and you spent the whole day there, they even gave you numbers as you waited, and if you had a special barber you had to wait even longer. And you do remember the golden question, Do you want a part?. See I was always FRESH and on top of my sheeeet lol.


Man on the Moon.

Publication: Kid Cudi in Interview magazine

“My whole thing is just to put out positive messages in the music, give people something that can change their lives,” says Cudi, whose debut full-length, Man on the Moon: The Guardians, will be released on Kanye West’s G.O.O.D. Music label. “I was like, ‘I know I’m not sippin’ crazy juice. I know there’s somebody out there in this world who can relate to what I’m going through.” -Kid Cudi



Kanye on his 2009 Tour: "I like the challenge of having to win people over with a new concept," West said in a recent interview. "My father (Ray West) was a salesman. And I saw him have to talk people into things and expose people to new ideas all the time. And I like that. What's the point if you're not presenting something new to people, that people might not be ready for, and exposing people to new ideas?"

Expect new theatrical ideas when West takes to the road this summer. West will launch a European tour featuring his latest album, "808s & Heartbreak," in July and expects the tour to hit the United States by fall source


Do I Know You?

Item: Raf Simons wood grain aviator sunglasses
Item: Raf Simons aluminum Aviator Sunglasses
Item: Raf Simons Striped Aviator sunglasses

all available HERE.


Why Are You So Paranoid?

Clip: Keri Hilson address "Haters"

I actually feel her on a few things, not sure if Im buying that "Turnin Me On Remix" story, but too each it's own. She made some valid points through this interview, I respect the hustle no doubt. My favorite part, "Why are you drinking my alcohol?" I'm heading to iTunes to see what's really good. No lie, it's a joint!

When I Had A Myspace.

Artist: Miguel Jontel

Myspace did it's thing, it was a great networking tool but I had to lay her to rest a few weeks ago. It got so boring but I will say that I've came across some of the best hidden talent out, whether it's modeling, music or fashion. I use to always pick my myspace page song carefully, I'd make sure that it represented my current mood, I never wanted commerical artist, I wanted you to come to my page and say " who sings that song?" That brings me to LA based artist Miguel Jontel, his sound is CRAZY and he always graced my page. My favorite joint is QUICKE, LET'S JUST BE, OVERLOAD, damn near the whole playlist. I told him awhile back that Im def a supporter, just let me know when the album releases. This guy is the new, mark my words, and take a listen for yourself.

Miguel Jontel


Jenny From The Block.

Sighting: Jennifer Lopez and Benny Medina spotted last night arriving to Tokyo.

She still got it.


Tyler, Let Me Borrow Bout 20 Dollars...

Photo: Oprah and Tyler Perry seen vacationing together in Italy last year.

"Among the millions of people around the world who dream of owning their private paradise, perhaps in the form of a tropical island, Tyler Perry has risen to the top of the ranks by being able to actually make his dream come true. Perry is on his way to becoming one of a very few and extremely fortunate people to own one of the Islands of The Bahamas.

People magazine has reported that Perry intends to make the island a present to himself for his 40th birthday.

The idea came to the highly successful director, producer and actor while visiting another private island in The Exumas in The Bahamas. He has not yet identified the island he wants to buy, but he’s actively looking. Within this chain of 700 islands, there must be one to suit his tastes. Who wouldn’t enjoy undertaking such a search?"

Coughs*, yeah all those movies and plays did that. Hmmm, let's turn our craft into islands? Yes...



Sneak & Eat.

Item: Burger King Burger Shots

You know the drill, you're never suppose to admit these things but Burger King's "Burger Shots" is the chic answer to downing the original Whopper. Not being a fan of such a big beef concoction, I find these shots make me feel.....good. An upgrade from Krystals #1, Tayo, am I telling too much? These little things are crack, paired with one of those ICEE joints, BEST $6.00 spent. I had a craving for these a few nights ago and I went to the Burger King on Northside here in Atlanta. It was around 11:00pm, I hit up the drive thru and she said "Welcome to Burger King how can I take your order", I said can I have some burger shots, with an ICEE, she replied " we ain't got no moe beef".


( Insert attitude ) "You still wanna order? All we got is chicken and fish". Huh? They should've polity knocked dem lights off with a "no moe beef" sign on the windows. Who goes to Burger King for chicken and fish?? "Girl goodnight" moment.

Try them, go before 11:00 pm. I support the burger shots.


Hello Black Woman.

Item: Blackberry Curve 8900

iPhones suck, yeah I said it. It's so hard to text message, and any phone that's touch screen feels like a joke is being played on me. I can't stand it. Since my Blackberry purchase in '07, I can't imagine life without it. BBIM is my favorite feature. I'll admit, the internet doesn't navigate like the iPhone, but hell if I wanna play in the net I'll do it on my Mac. So the people at Blackberry released a newer version, 8900, and it has the same features as the previous Curve but just a newer sleeker body. One of my friends is pressuring me to put a purchase on it, but until I get my full T-Mobile ( upgrade ) discount Im passing. It's a hot phone though. iPhones should be flushed in the toilet.


Yall Betta Shut Up.

Clip: Janelle Monae Performs "Many Moons" live at The Levi's®/FADER Fort

Love this chick, and I can't wait for the new material...


I AM...That Bitch

Photo: Thierry Mugler warrior like costume sketches for Beyonce’s upcoming "I Am..." tour which kicks off today in Edmonton, Canada .


I Wanna Grow Up.

Photo: Macaulay Culkin
Photographer: Terry Richardson

Email: "Yo whaddup Marquis,
My name is Damonje' and i am like a biggest lateboots.com fan..lol if possible. I'm on the blog every day.. no lie.. the blog is so awesome. the best that's out there no lie!!!. I'm really into fashion as well. but I'm curious on what I could do to make me look taller.. I'm actually 5'10 1/2. slender- toned. my proportions are very equal, (u know some ppl have longer torso , short legs or vise versa.. ) i was just wondering on what items or colors should i wear to give an illusion that I'm taller..Thanks hope to hear from you soon."-Damonje

MP: Lol, so I think somethings you can't really help and being short as a guy is something that you might have to deal with. Now women can wear 3,4, even 5 inch heels to make them taller but unless you're a dude rocking YSL Johnny Boots, it's a done deal. But from what I've learned being slimmer makes you appear taller and also having good posture-slouching makes you look shorter than you actually are. I suggest you choose clothes that fit you well, you know Im a fan of tailored clothing so the more form fitting the better. Loser clothes often make you look wider and if you're short stay away from high-top sneakers. Myself being somewhat short, high shoes make me look stumpy so I always go for a short-Converse style sneaker or slipper. If it shows the ankle that automatically gives you that extra inch.

Also try dressing in one color, now this is hard for me because I am a fan of color but a taller impression is always given with one color. Oh and when you buy sport coats/blazers always go for "short" and never "regular" or "long". The shorter the jacket, the taller you seem. I think Im all out of tricks.



Do You Know About Nita.

Clip: Anita Baker " Caught Up In The Rapture Of Love" video

Anita is one of the BEST SINGERS.


Women Advice From Mr. Hightower.

Title: Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man: What Men Really Think About Love, Relationships, Intimacy, and Commitment (Hardcover)
Author: Steve Harvey

I hate his suit collection and this bald head I can't get use to but Steve is speaking the truth about women and how to catch that nig. This Best Seller is the hottest piece of advice for women out right now, I even bought my mother a copy. The last guy she dated was wackkkkkk and I kept telling her the same things Steve points out in his book.

Details: Steve Harvey, the host of the nationally syndicated Steve Harvey Morning Show, can't count the number of impressive women he's met over the years, whether it's through the "Strawberry Letters" segment of his program or while on tour for his comedy shows. These are women who can run a small business, keep a household with three kids in tiptop shape, and chair a church group all at the same time. Yet when it comes to relationships, they can't figure out what makes men tick. Why? According to Steve it's because they're asking other women for advice when no one but another man can tell them how to find and keep a man. Sometimes funny, sometimes direct, but always truthful, Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man is a book you must read if you want to understand how men think when it comes to relationships. In Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man, Steve lets women inside the mindset of a man and sheds lights on concepts and questions such as:

—The Ninety Day Rule: Ford requires it of its employees. Should you require it of your man?

—How to spot a mama's boy and what if anything you can do about it.

—When to introduce the kids. And what to read into the first interaction between your date and your kids.

—The five questions every woman should ask a man to determine how serious he is.

Click here for reviews and to purchase. source


Mind Games.

Clip: Gareth Pugh Autumn/Winter 2009


Band Director.

Item: 3.1 Phillip Lim
Cadet Jacket

Phillip Lim is having a Women's sale over at eluxury.com, take advantage. Plus peep his PRE-ORDER and RUNWAY merchandise aswell.


Purple Syrup.

Item: Acne Jeans
Stroll Grape Royale High Top

Click here to purchase


When The Rain Hits My Window.

Item: Maison Martin Margiela
Short Trench Coat

I was excited at the very thought of wearing a cropped trench coat, then my high storm came. The price? Ahh, it's all for a good cause.




Clip: 'Where The Wild Things Are' Official Movie Trailer

Facts: Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak has become a classic. Winner of the 1964 Caldecott Medal as the "Most Distinguished Picture Book of the Year," it was first published by HarperCollins in 1963. When the book was written, the theme of dealing with dark emotions was rare in children's literature, especially in picture book format for young children

The Story: based on the fantasy (and real) consequences of a little boy's mischief. One night Max dresses up in his wolf suit and does all kinds of things he shouldn't, like chasing the dog with a fork. His mother scolds him and calls him a "WILD THING!" Max is so mad he shouts back, "I'LL EAT YOU UP!" As a result, his mother sends him to his bedroom without any supper. source

I know y'all remember this book...


It's The Hard Knock Life.

Item: Animal T-Shirt $210.00

Item: Hood Love T-Shirt $175.00

Item: Hood Love Hood $235.00

Special collaboration between TI$A & artist Kozyndan.

Coughs....yo Taz, Im like a small. And the rings are pretty dope too. Click here to graduate.


Coffee Table Talk.

Clip: Kanye West on The Wake Up Show

Pretty good as far as geniuses go.


The Birthday Party.

Photographer: Vee Speers

"In creating her own series, choosing the outfits and creating a ubiquitous tone throughout, Speers evokes conceptual contemporary concerns, such as the suggestion of adulthood coming prematurely to children of the new generation."


Deal With Your Baby Momma.

Item: Alexander McQueen
Jet crystal bootie.

Item: Balenciaga
Leather platform sandal.

Item: Balenciaga
Metallic elastic bootie.

Item: Chanel
PVC pump.

Item: Chanel
Cuber heel.

Item: Christian Louboutin
Specchio Mary Jane with hidden platform and ruffle detail.

Item: Christian Louboutin
Suede peep-toe platform fringe boot.

Item: Dolce & Gabbana
Crocodile, patent, and python platform sandal.

Item: Giambattista Valli
Leather cutout peep-toe platform sandal with black piping.

Item: Givenchy
Zebra-dyed ponyskin open-toe ankle boot.

Item: Marc Jacobs
Canvas and leather strap-tie stiletto fetish pump.

Item: Marni
Leather platform sandal.

Look at her, she ready to start some drama.


Welcome To Good Burger.

Clip: Pharrell gets no love at McDonalds in Paris airport

Man forget the burgers, the pants Pharrell has on are SERIOUS. I want a pair.


Gin & Juice.

Event: Designer Zac Posen and NY Socialite Genevieve Jones attend the La Perla Spring 2009 collection preview on Tuesday in New York City.

That's my chick, I love that girl.


She Always Wins.

Clip: Beyonce supports the Nintendo DSi



She Ain't Got Shit On Me.

Publication: Kim Kardashian covers the second cover of Complex’s April/May issue.