I Wanna Grow Up.

Photo: Macaulay Culkin
Photographer: Terry Richardson

Email: "Yo whaddup Marquis,
My name is Damonje' and i am like a biggest if possible. I'm on the blog every day.. no lie.. the blog is so awesome. the best that's out there no lie!!!. I'm really into fashion as well. but I'm curious on what I could do to make me look taller.. I'm actually 5'10 1/2. slender- toned. my proportions are very equal, (u know some ppl have longer torso , short legs or vise versa.. ) i was just wondering on what items or colors should i wear to give an illusion that I'm taller..Thanks hope to hear from you soon."-Damonje

MP: Lol, so I think somethings you can't really help and being short as a guy is something that you might have to deal with. Now women can wear 3,4, even 5 inch heels to make them taller but unless you're a dude rocking YSL Johnny Boots, it's a done deal. But from what I've learned being slimmer makes you appear taller and also having good posture-slouching makes you look shorter than you actually are. I suggest you choose clothes that fit you well, you know Im a fan of tailored clothing so the more form fitting the better. Loser clothes often make you look wider and if you're short stay away from high-top sneakers. Myself being somewhat short, high shoes make me look stumpy so I always go for a short-Converse style sneaker or slipper. If it shows the ankle that automatically gives you that extra inch.

Also try dressing in one color, now this is hard for me because I am a fan of color but a taller impression is always given with one color. Oh and when you buy sport coats/blazers always go for "short" and never "regular" or "long". The shorter the jacket, the taller you seem. I think Im all out of tricks.