The Phi Society Chapter.

Photos: The First Senior Mixer @ Noni's

Gentrification of the Gentleman. Define your friends circle; they'll show you who you are.

Noni's Italian Bar
357 Edgewood Avenue
Atlanta, GA 30312
(404) 343-1808


Beg To Differ.

Sighting: 1/2 of the Label Whore Twins in Kreemo

Phifer in street wear? Naw not yet but my boy Waverly or Warner ( I can't tell those rich motherf*ckers apart ) is rocking a new brand, Kreemo. I personally consult with the Kreemo brand and expect BIG things to pop. After going through countless of sketches the final products will soon be for available for your rocking. Click here to get started


Hold The Mirror.

Photo: Chambray

"My name is Chris and I want to start by saying that you and Sham really do a good job with I think I read the LB more than I read my own blog --Yeah, ya'll are just that dope ! Putting different styles together seems to be second nature to you so hopefully you can help me out a little. I think chambray shirts are really cool, so I went out and bought one.
Problem : I don't know what else to wear with it to complete the look. Hope you can help me out." -Chris

The solution: A Chambray can either be the statement piece, or fall into the background. Both can work. You could tone down the chambray by boosting a bright colored short or patterened short. You can also layer a long sleeved shirt under the chambray (see attached). Another alternative is a fitted jean of a darker wash than the chambray. To put some extra bass in your walk, you must rock the shirt with a awesome pair of sunglasses, preferably black or dark brown (maybe tortoise shell).



The Vibe Was Just There.

Photo: Memsor Kamarake, Fashion Editor/ Director Vibe Magazine

True Story: I think it was in 2007, my friend and I packed our bags to head to the city. New York Fashion Week was our destination and after countless shows--some I couldn't even pronounce ( thanks Charles ) we ran into this man with a peculiar look. His hair is what stood out to me. So we chatted for a second, and then headed into a show. I was in the standing area as he was sitting front row. One day I thought to myself---then in Summer of 08 I was interning at a magazine, I was going through my bosses pictures and I see this guy again. I ask "who is this" she replied oh that's Memsor, he's the fashion editor for Vibe.

Wow, my life is so random. The amazing people that I've come across in my short time. If you want it, go for it.


It's A Different World.

Clip: Nyle "Let The Beat Build"


It Must Be Love.

Event: Chanel Iman attends the Launch of Matthew Williamson for H&M Spring 2009 Collection, April 28, 2009

You gotta learn to love her.


Running For Election.

Sighting: Beyonce & Tina Knowles shopping in Vienna, Austria.

Hottest chick in the game. Hands down. I love this boho look and I've always ben a fan of big hair on Bey. Those silver YSL cutout boots and Valentino White Satchel bag is murder she wrote.


Active Morehouse Alumni.

Photo: Bentley attends Paris Fashion Week ( Download Fonzworth Bentley "Greener" Ft. Anthony Hamilton )

Photo: Bentley writes words of encouragement to me ( the writing has always been on the wall ) in Advance Your Swagger Book

He is a graduate of Morehouse College with a Bachelor of Science degree.



Andre Darling.

Photo: Andre Leon Talley during Fall Fashion Week

Busy tomorrow night? Well if you got stacks on deck Parsons The New School for Design will be having a Fashion Benefit. I was emailed the invite this morning but sadly I didn't see any complimentary tickets in there. I could've flown Airfare for this event.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009 starting at 6:00pm
Black Tie Cocktail Reception, Dinner and Fashion show.

Speaker(s): Terry Lundgren, Andre Leon Talley.
Honoring Francisco Costa, Cathy Horyn, Tom Murry.

Tickets from $1,500.00.
Tables from $15,000.00.

Cipriani Wall Street. New York City
55 Wall Street, New York, NY 10005
(212) 229-5662.

Click here for flash Evite
or here for event address

Im trying to figure out if they do student discounts.


Michael Luther King Jr.

Clip: Michael Jackson- Scream, History Tour Seoul, 1996

The creator of all things pop.


A Gentleman's Intuition.

Collection: Junya Watanabe Fall 2009 Collection


I Taste Just Like Candy.

Drink: Strawberry Lemonade

The Cheesecake Factory is known for their cheesecake? Well maybe not but they have the best strawberry lemonade I've ever tasted. Before I look through their confusing menu ( they have too many items ) the strawberry lemonade is the first thing that I order and I refill it about 4 times in addition to asking the waiter to bring me some in a to-go cup with no ice--upon leaving. Oh and box me some of that brown bread too. ( Leave that boujee shit at the door ).


It's A New Form Of Mackin.

Item: Louis Vuitton European City Guide 2009

Features: Europe City Guide highlights the best addresses and excursions for 32 European cities.
Slipcase contains nine soft-back guides featuring schematic maps and 7,000 addresses classified by heading.
Features luxury and charming hotels, gourmet restaurants, chefs bistros, artists' haunts, wine bars, organic markets, art galleries, museums, spas, and fashion stores.
Over 2,000 pages and for its tenth edition, the Louis Vuitton City Guide also includes three audio guides that can be downloaded online.

You gotta mark that passport up.


Put The Boom In Her Trunk.

Item: Laeken
black munich skirt

Details: Black nylon zip front skirt with grey knit side panels. Zips entire length of front. 4” slit at back.


Party Animal.

Photos: Morehouse College, Douglas Hall-4:20am

Hey do you have any Morehouse inside you? ---Would you like some? Have you ever played with sexy expensive books straight into the night without any shut eye?

Morehouse College: The problem solvers; young moguls, young rich motherf*ckers, young ballers. Application for Billionaire Boys Club enrollment starts here

Last week of school--- Im startin to think all this studyin is bad for my health, cause in the morning Im'a still feel dumb. That means when I wake up in the morning Im'a still be dumb. I should be Hard Knocktorian of my class; Im inspirational and persuasive--I always did prefer street smarts over school smarts. But when the final grades make their debut, I'll soak the year's college transcript in my favorite cologne and then set it ablaze. Here's to a fresh start.

Forget English let's talk--*text message from Mother: your dad just put money in this morning. Will deposit the rest tomorrow.


I Got The Hook Up.

Maestro Knows - Episode 6 (Air Yeezy Skate) from Maestro Knows on Vimeo.

I know some of the sneaker heads are going crazy right now; My boy Maestro is skateboarding in the new Air Yeesy's. It's nothing to him--I see you fam.



You're A Sinner--I Don't Care.

Location: At Merkato 55 NYC Sunday Afternoon

How do you spend your Sunday brunch?

*shout out to my boy Ugo for putting me onto this spot.

Get Off Me Now.

Collection: BASECONTROL 2009 Spring/Summer Lookbook


Now Watch Me Sell It.

Clip: Prince Rick & Treal Lee

What it is? Coogi is on deck. This video contains alot of color and FAUL LANGUAGE but bypass to 1:04 for the dance off. I swear these hood kats be havin some _______ tendencies.


She Got A Mean Stroll.

Sighting: Sanaa Lathan and Kim Kardashian spotted at Da Silvano’s last night in NYC.

Check out Russell, and Kim stole this picture. I don't even see brown sugar. And check the Giuseppe Zanotti cutout sandals Kim is rocking. A beast. And look what Kanye started ( throws denim jacket out the window ).
Thank you.


Rich Girl.

Sighting: Beyonce and Mother Tina Knowles at JFK airport

Bey has the sickest shoe game. Period.