The Vibe Was Just There.

Photo: Memsor Kamarake, Fashion Editor/ Director Vibe Magazine

True Story: I think it was in 2007, my friend and I packed our bags to head to the city. New York Fashion Week was our destination and after countless shows--some I couldn't even pronounce ( thanks Charles ) we ran into this man with a peculiar look. His hair is what stood out to me. So we chatted for a second, and then headed into a show. I was in the standing area as he was sitting front row. One day I thought to myself---then in Summer of 08 I was interning at a magazine, I was going through my bosses pictures and I see this guy again. I ask "who is this" she replied oh that's Memsor, he's the fashion editor for Vibe.

Wow, my life is so random. The amazing people that I've come across in my short time. If you want it, go for it.