Boots & The City : Off To Brooklyn Circus-Day 2

May 30th-I must admit, I fell back in love with the city today. I was woken up by the sun light beaming on my face which looked like 12pm but was 5am instead!!! I figured what the hell, it's day two and I have yet to see my girl Sham, we took a lil trip to Brooklyn, she got lost, ( I didn't ) and she claims to be a veteran...I didn't see it.Off to see the circus, we walked blocks and blocks and blocks and blocks and blocks till finally we found The Brooklyn Circus store. I now know why Sham loves this brand so much, I was so impressed with their "Varsity" collection-very preppy but still street. There is this one bag that I want but I refused to take a picture because I don't want nobody to get it!!We then made our way to Soho where we shopped at almost every store, I loved having all the retail spots at arms length, we ended our time with dinner at some place I care not to remember, the waiter was so damn stupid, its now 11:22pm so Im heading to bed, I have an appointment early in the morning.....see you tomorrow.

m a r q u i s . p h i f e r

Boots & The City: Hello New York-Day 1

May 29th -Finally, I arrive. I step foot in the city of sex & sin, if only my travels were that simple. I had the WORST day at the airport and my introduction to New York was not so kind. The day started when I arrived to the airport in Atlanta, I was under the impression that I could bring 2 bags to be put under the plane, well the joke was on me, I was only offered 1 free bag, I had 6 total. I ended up paying over two hundred dollars just for my luggage alone. I had purchased a first class ticket weeks ago but I was still "randomly selected" to be checked, I was touched in all the wrong places by some guy named Tshawn, and my they went through all my bags (this is why I say it's important to have a MARQUISJET Card, Im getting mines soon, I got to hustle a little harder though). What made my day were these women TIPPING through the airport, I swear one of them looked like Victoria Beckham, it was her and her mother who was BEAT, both of them had chopped bobs, tights on, HIGH pumps and the nanny was pushing the stroller with a toddler in tow, I was like " yall betta give these American's hell" ( they had an accent ). It must have been some event in the presidential suite because everyone at the airport was beat, I felt so under dressed.

So I finally make it to New York, me and all 6 pieces of my luggage, I get a cab and Im thinking I can finally sit down, he taps on the window and asks " so are you going to help me with this luggage"....I was over it. I get dropped off on Madison Ave. and the doorman at this building only works the front desk, which means I had to tow 6 bags to the ninth floor....but the apt made up for it...And what's with these hot ass apartments, these window units are killing me....Well today Im on the hunt for an iron and a full length mirror, wish me luck. ( I have no idea of how to ride these trains )...

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LateBoots Presents: Boots & The City- New York

Rainy streets, loud horns and the scent of hot dogs being grilled to perfection..... The city never sleeps! Its is said that a city is generally an urban settlement with a large population, however a city may also be a settlement with a special administrative, legal, or historical status. Come with us as we journey on an expedition to the city of our dreams, New York has been our state of mind since Victoria met Beckham, and even way before Dereon moved into their house... So sit back, don't relax and keep on your Zanotti's as we venture on the story of our lives.... Boots & The City.... we gave you "all things fashion" in the Fall & Spring, now this Summer follow us and our daily lives as we take you inside the industry....this will be an adventure to remember....

"We decided that the viewers should see how hard we work, the dedication it takes in order to be a success, this summer we want you to witness our ups and downs, our hustles and grinds as we hold job duties to some of the top magazines and fashion houses in the apple. With the success of blogging it seems as if everyone is starting to do their own fashion blogs, it's becoming cliche, but was the first that offered you black faces with different point of views, we will forever be the first as blogging is so popular among the followers...we've decided to focus on our lives and not the lives of this "fashion stuff". Just as everyone is starting to catch on we've moved on to another phase, It doesn't start nor will it end in New York but because so many people don't live out their dreams we wanted to take time off and live out ours, instead of posting about "fashion news" if you will, we will be posting about our lives in New York-you of course having front row so that we could possibly show you that all things are possible...-LateBoots

"I hope to attain the true essence of fashion while gaining more insight into the corporate world and my future. Also, financial independance, I can't call myself a man till I have reached it. After this summer in the city, a man is born."-Richy Ro$$

"As I gear up to take my place in this illustrious, intriguing, hard-working, inspirational, and pop-cultured inspired industry, all I desire to say is THANK YOU. Thank you Summer in advance for believing in me and my DREAMS well enough to get me here to you. It has been a vigorous, salty and well-fought fight and as I take on this brand new battle that is already WON (claiming it), I will always have in the front of my mind the reason why I am here and it's because of you. I pray for strength, knowledge, patience, humbleness, and most of all WISDOM to keep me focused and concrete in my goals and aspirations. My mom always wanted me to be prominent and guess what Avenue I am walking? The one called BLESSED. P.S. We all know who's Summer's alter-ego is right? (GOD you can't hide from me!) Keep me TUCKED in them... YOUR prayers that is."-iCON :)

"This summer I hope to gain many "Thank You and You're Welcome" moments. Goodbye Atlanta, you know me too well. I now reside under the green awning; soon you'll understand..."-Sham

"I ask that you not judge me by my journey, Im from the most royal court in the country, Im a half breed. I bless myself, I encourage myself. You can't be taught, you gotta catch this. Venture in the unfamiliar, shake things up, as I hustle and ride in the back seats of town cars, taxi's and G500's I ask that you do not touch my mantel, for I speak power to authority."
- m a r q u i s . p h i f e r

Marquis Phifer featured on Jay Wilson

"I am actually convinced that my friend Marquis Phifer was put on this world solely to piss me off, make me work a million times harder and eat even less...fuck Atkins...let me just use his terminology....he is one “Tippin” brotha....sickeningly hot, Black and ambitious beyond most peoples standards..." -Jay Wilson

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Could-It-Be: Band Camp Has Finally Ended

With bands such as The Jonas Brothers tipping out looking like this has led me to believe that band camp has proven itself to be worthy enough to attend! Boy bands back in the day such as Back-Street and NSYNC paved the way for guys these days to really tip out done and the Jonas Brothers along with Maroon 5 have definitely proved that they kept their oath at camp!
Geez, every since the break-up of DC-3 (Bey and the girls) I have been disappointed with any other girl group besides the Spice Girls (Vicky & the Spices) and TLC. Those were the groups that paved the way (style wise) and it totally fell off for a while. Now that female power-houses such as Girls Aloud (pictured above) have come along they have breathed in us a breath of fresh BEAT and I love it! Do your thing ROCKSTARS because you all truly SHINE!

((....always feels good to see a pack of SICKENING))

iCON :)

Cartier Times: Mova Bey - Chanel Rocking

Bey and Jay were spotted arriving in Cannes, France today to join the other A-Listers in the world! Sighs... word is that Bey is not only gearing up for 2 movies, an album, and a soundtrack gig for the new James Bond joint (details in post below this one), and just recently she is allegedly signing on to do something with the great one himself Karl Lagerfeld (hence all the CHANEL she has been rocking lately). This would be LIFE changing for me..... SICK.
...Poppa Jay tipping through... LIVING.

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(( PARENTS rock!))

iCON :)

Random $hit: Bey For BOND?

Beyonce Knowles is being lined up to do the soundtrack for the new Bond movie after trainwreck Amy Winehouse pulled out.

The druggie singer has abandoned plans to do the theme song, three weeks after her bust up with producer Mark Ronson.

But theBuzz hears that former Destiny's Child's star Beyonce is in talks with Quantum of Solace producers about performing a new track written by Amanda Ghost and collaborating with legendary Bond composer John Barry.

**This WOMAN is everywhere. And I LIVE.

Source: London Paper

((...get into that))

iCON :)

LB Watch: Brits Back And Ready For MORE

....Word is that Miss Spears is back in the studio and ready for another album! Sighs... I found out that this pic was old (I was hoping it was new simply because her and that George Clinton look is not working for her) and I still posted it anyway! According to sources, producers J.R. Rotem and Sean Garrett confirmed the news of Brit’s new album to People, saying they couldn’t be happier working with her. “She’s great,” Rotem told the mag. “She’s like a master at what she does. She’s a lot more experienced than most people. She just has the ‘it’ factor that not every artist has. So it’s always nice to work with her.”

This should "BEY" just as interesting.

((....can she handle MORE?))

iCON :)

That's Right Pleased To Meet You Amerie

For all the wrongs reasons I am in love this the look Amerie gave in LA lasnight, I have to give her-her own post. This look screams Vanity 6 hooker 1984, and I love it.

"Uh, it's time to jam, dance nasty girls, dance, Everybody, uh, it's time to jam-nasty girls, dance, dance, dance"...-Vanity 6

m a r q u i s . p h i f e r

Cartier Times: Evan Ross & Mario-The Du"O"

Remember this previous post?, well the Du"O" hit up Maxim’s Hot 100 Party in Los Angeles last night. Interesting...

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Juice Box: Back to the Basics

Designer Tamer Koseli wanted to create a phone for communication use only. What cell phone out today doesn't have a camera, mp3, or email capability. NONE! So will this be a hit or not? It has two screens, one OLED (meaning you can customize it) for your basic information and the other is a touch screen. With a width of 2cm and 14cm long that may be the longest phone ever.

Tamer Koseli


Carta: Toiletry Bag-Face-Make It Sit Then Tip

Many have wondered and questioned what I use to keep my skin clear, and only because it's the holidays Im willing to share Anthony with you. Question 1: What do I do? -Keeping it simple, I don't do the peels, injections or lasers, just a basic face wash, toner followed by a SP15 moisturizer. Now many people have different skin types, I was blessed to have "nice" skin if you will, so I don't need to do alot, but for those who are having skin issues should consult with a dermatologist ( make them your new bestfriend ). Now I will be honest, a few years ago I was having alot of breakouts because my body produces more oil which clogs up your pores and I sought out for help ( not talking Proactive ). One thing you should know is that it does cost money when going to the derm doctor but it's your face, no price is too high. After a few prescriptions and shots my skin cleared up and I haven't had any problems for years now. Also stress causes breakouts so I try not to over analyze things or take myself too serious. Above I've included the products and the price of what I use, and no you won't break the bank, Im hoping the next time I see you your face will sit and be flawless yes?

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BootPrint: The Perspective Chair

What you have viewed above is a chair designed by Pharrell in collaboration with Domeau & Pérès; a prestige company that primarily focuses on designs and makes custom furniture. With world famous artists such as Marc Newsom, Pharrell is the next for them to tuck under their belt. The chair was designed to embody Pharell's perspective of love. If you're in Paris October 21 threw January 10th, the chairs will be showcased at the Emmanuel Perrotin Galerie. At the event the chairs will be available in a few colors and only 4 of each will be sold. See how Pharrell creates exclusiveness around him...

“I had often wondered what it’s like to truly be in love,not lust for once..So I decided not to ask what it was like in someone else’s shoes or what it was like to sit in their seat..I decided to sketch out my own experiment; the perspective chair.” Pharrell Williams

info/photo: BBCIceCream

Random $hit: 1 of 1

When your name is Don C and you're the assistant to your best friend Kanye West, little gifts like this are the norm. Get into the LV Red Epi Christopher and forget it! Because you'll never see it again. Custom made only for Don C.

& I Wonder....

Juice Box: Fashion is Everywhere

Spanish designer Roberto Piqueras has released his collection for Spring/Summer ‘08. With vivid colors and bringing unique silhouettes to streetwear, there's no wonder why Kanye is one of his celebrity buyers. Where else on earth would i be able to find some high-waisted track pants and the elongated red hoodie has my name on it. Click HERE for a limited selection of Roberto Piqueras pieces to purchase online. More looks after the jump...

Roberto Picqueras


Dear Summer: Looking Back-Last Few Days

Im really nervous to be moving to another city, Im really nervous. No need for "luck", what is that anyway...I've been spending more time with my friends here in Atlanta, yesterday I took the day off to have margaritas-I was in a good groove. From Houston to Atlanta and now New York Im excited to see what happens, people use to tell me I was silly until I popped on the t.v. screen. As I sit in my naked loft I can hear a pen drop, I've packed up every thing I own, my garments take center prize as I glare at my future through my blackberry. My job starts May 29th but I don't have to be to work until June 2nd, did you get that? Im talking like it's just you and me.

m a r q u i s . p h i f e r

A Fool Wit It: Home State Of Texas -H Town

As I sit here typing up this post Im listening to Letoya Luckett's self titled album, aka my girl Toya-that's Houston right thurr. Since I moved to Atlanta over a year ago I always like to know what's going on in Houston because that's my home city ( 45 and 288 ) yall don't know nothing about Frenchy's Chicken ( 5 wings, side of greens, fries and strawberry drank ) what!, anyway-so Im strolling on this website that covers most if not all the events in Houston and boy has my city changed, women are now givin you high waisted jeans with senorita tops, lacefront wigs and Louis Vuitton sneakers- a fool wit it.

But what got me twisted with the miscommunication between homegirl's REAL hair and the WEAVE- a fool wit it.More Von Dutch skirts and hard mugs after read more....Fuck effort.

m a r q u i s . p h i f e r ( former Houstonian )


Juice Box: No Small Frames pt. 2

Hitting the streets of New York this summer, it's only right that I get my eyewear game together. With no worries The Brooklyn Circus will get you right with the new deadstock vintage releases. Make sure you tell them Sham sent you. Run don't walk!

Brookyln: 258 Bergen Street
Brooklyn, NY 11217

San Franciso: 1525 Fillmore Street
San Francisco CA 94115