Could-It-Be: Band Camp Has Finally Ended

With bands such as The Jonas Brothers tipping out looking like this has led me to believe that band camp has proven itself to be worthy enough to attend! Boy bands back in the day such as Back-Street and NSYNC paved the way for guys these days to really tip out done and the Jonas Brothers along with Maroon 5 have definitely proved that they kept their oath at camp!
Geez, every since the break-up of DC-3 (Bey and the girls) I have been disappointed with any other girl group besides the Spice Girls (Vicky & the Spices) and TLC. Those were the groups that paved the way (style wise) and it totally fell off for a while. Now that female power-houses such as Girls Aloud (pictured above) have come along they have breathed in us a breath of fresh BEAT and I love it! Do your thing ROCKSTARS because you all truly SHINE!

((....always feels good to see a pack of SICKENING))

iCON :)