Ha: Fab Edition: The "Yes Mamz"

Wooork Cunts! GET in, FIT in, or FALL INTO SICKENING DIP!! When I ran across this picture I had to stop.... reassure myself that I was looking at it correctly and then I said... NO MAM! These kids are giving me "Little Skits"... ((the skittles!))...

**NOTICE: The leader has a phone clipped on his hip!!! Work out TINE!!

What would you say to them??!!!

They might "GAG" you!


iCON :)

Change-of-HEART: She doesn't TIP....

This queen doesn't TIP.. she has changed my HEART! This starlet "STORMS" her way across the scene for the kids... Mary Kate is nobody's auntie! I live for this little bag of clothes! Her nasty Givenchy jacket and Balenciaga stompers are FOREVER! This is what I loooove to see the Queens "STORM" in..... She started it... I didn't do it!!! STOOORM Mary Kate PHISSSSSH!!

((.... I can't take it!))

iCON :)

First-Class Postage: STAMPED!

Courtesy of our friends over at, I was granted access to the latest pics of the Sean John ad collection that stars the "sick-o-ning" mugs of Cassie & Lauren London! The campaign is entitled “Diddy’s Angels Go Supermodel” and was shot in NYC back in December. Jennifer Lopez’s hairstylist Oribe worked their hair, make-up was done by renowned artist "JJ" and they were styled by Mary J Blige’s stylist Marni Senofonte....(random!) I won't say anything else... Just get in.... and get your LIFE!!!
No shade.... Cassie's mug and body sits all these kittens down out here... ((in a modelesque way!)) She is sickening... Just as Rihanna, she may need to go BACK to modeling and leave the mic alone! OMG!!!! She sitssssssssss!!!!! Yessssss Cassie!!!!!!
Miss London is not far behind! She is the up and coming kitty thats purrrrring around! This is just too much "beatness" at once.... me and my homies K.J. Stuckey &'s own Brian Patrick are over here "gagging" at these pics! I'm in love!

((... good look concreteloop!))

iCON :)

Jet-Setting-Phish: Ri Ri "Tipping" in Paris....

Miss Umbrella is catching the rain across the pond in Paris flocking from show to show.... (let's hope this pays off!). Anywho... RiRi is gagging the kid's from the looks of things! She "tipped" into Chanel's show looking simple and chic with a exaggerated sweater dress and a royal blue stomper! And most recently she was spotted front row at the Sonya Rykiel show in a purple number that meshed well with her tone... I am living for Miss Pon de Replay! She might needs to put down the mic and pick up somes heels..... hint!

((....please DO stop the music!)

iCON :)

STYLE BLOCK: Graphics to Sophisticated

Today's trend for many young men clothing seem to have loud graphics and bright colors on them but as we all know in the fashion world a trend can die. What I am beginnig to notice more of these days is that, many males are wearing less loud graphic tops and wearing more softer colors with less graphics. The style of the young men is slowly turning back to a more sophisticated relax, muture look, but still having that street style edgy look. One particular brand that is marketing to that particular look is Live Mechanics. They are known for their loud graphics and crazy designs, their latest collection has gone on the quite side using more tonal colors and shiny nylon instead of leather. Also The Hundreds took a spin on their collection using more soft prints and plaids creating a more sophisticated look.

sophisticated look is in!


STYLE BLOCK: Big Theme For High Tops!

High tops are coming back hard! Many of them are becoming more brighter and with a mixture of multicoloring creating contrasting colors. They now have a lot more exclusive details on them. The tongues have become wider and double. Some have velcro fastening, along with thickened fronts. Many high tops now have emblem applications on them as well.

So go pick out your favorite hight tops!


Encore! Mode en Paris pt. 2

I must admit that I have a wandering eye, especially when it comes to fashion. Don't get me wrong, I love Balenciaga, Valentino, Chanel, Fendi and all of the fabulous established fashion houses, but I adore even more the up and coming designers who are making their first tick mark on the board of fashion. As I peruse various magazines and websites I come across new designers quite frequently and while there a many, some have that certain je ne sais quoi that catches my eye. As Paris fashion week wraps up, I decided to think outside of the box and introduce you to some very noteworthy up and coming designers.
Haider Ackerman, a native Belgian designer, brought a somewhat austere, androgynous collection for fall 2008. This season Ackerman introduced asymmetrical cuts, layers, layers and more layers, gathering, plumage, draping and lots more. Unlike most runways seen for the fall, black was not the staple color for his gender bending collection, Ackerman incorporated white and cream along with gray. Void of the many attributes that define a piece as being feminine, make sure your face is painted very nicely when wearing his garments.
As much as I despised geometry class, I would've loved to take a fashion geometry class from designer Junya Watanabe. Simplistic creativity is the first thought that came to mind when I viewed this collection. Watanabe produced the most sincere draping that I have ever seen, reminiscent of nothing and the future of draping in fashion. Using jersey as the foundation fabric (as Doo. Ri did in her fall 2007 collection) Watanabe introduced a collection like none other, with models wearing head pieces, shaped like the most intricate geometric figures, with some models having their faces covered. This was the perfect example of something being so simple yet intriguingly complex all at the same time.

Fabulously yours,
Jennifer Pauline

Paris Fashion Week: Shape Up....

Yves Saint Laurent in my opinion, is one of the most prestigious fashion houses in the world, and they have presented one of the "sharpest" collections at Paris fashion week. Mixing enriched fabrics and superb angular cuts allowed the presentation to be more engaging than ever. I was so impressed with the way they pulled off the lineage and the execution of the angles was amazing! Accessories were kept to an absolute minimum to allow the cuts to take center-stage...
Models stormed the runway in identical black bowl-cuts and Gothic dark lips set the tone for a modernist look. Distinct silhouettes were noticeable, but in way more abstract shapes that allowed the sharp angles and inverted triangles to be balanced out with rounded lapels, slouchy trousers and tulip skirts. Hourglass blocks defined the modelesque figures in more voluminous cuts and fitted the body perfectly. Various shades of taupes, browns, blacks and at times this metallic yellow-ish gold swamped the runway, although with more sheen and texture to them than usual.... I live for it.

((...can't walk a mile in his shoes))

iCON :)

Style Block Celeb Edition: Eve...Ruffled Up!

I absolutely LOVE Eve and her sense of style. Since her "blonde bombshell" days she has definitely stepped it up more than 10 notches! To me..... other than house mother KIM... she gets all 10's in the fashion category for female rappers. Here she is at Ungaro's Fall '08 runway show, with of course, one of his elaborate over-sized jackets on. I adored how she pulled this look off! It was smart because along with the busy top, she paired it with some dark skinny pants and metallic heels that made it all cohesive! EVE is on my list!

**What are your thoughts on this "over-the-top" look?

((...LOVE can't be too BLIND!))

iCON :)

Cartier Times: Kitty Kat, Kitty Kat-A Boom!

That face girl, that Teyana face tipped to MTV studios the other day to show a preview of her "Google Me" video.-and she showed out, Vogue-IN-DOWN. She's bringing vogueing back to the masses, something that's been done by Madonna and in the ballroom scene. Cause those people behind her in this pic had no idea how "FIERCE" (( in Tyra Bank's voice)) those moves were. I live for when she falls into a dip. And all my street peeps, get into that jacket and those sneakers!!

Next to the floor can I see...

m a r q u i s . p h i f e r

Look Of The Week: I Just Paid Off My Lexus.

What a wonderful way to wake up, and to think I was gonna put on jeans and sneakers today, ha!! Here's Lexus & Mercedes at the Givenchy show. This couple is the shit. Kanye thank you for finding Alexis-She gives me everything I need. I bet HE picks out HER clothes. I wanna be like them when I grow up, no seriously.

m a r q u i s . p h i f e r

LB Watch : Coming Soon....

On Thursday February 28th LateBoots attended Broke & Boujee's final party here in Atlanta-Broke & Boujee was a social mixer that was attended by socialites, musical artist and fashionable people. With this being it's last run, the creator Fadia Kader decided to end this monthly social event with the "Prom" theme in mind. So of course we got all dressed up in our prom attire and our very own marquis.phifer was nominated for prom king, but did he win? Who wore what? Who got class clown? Oh yeah, and we had that place lit, we started posing all night, on the walls, in the bathrooms, on the dance floor, wait till you see the flicks!! Give me face that iCON kid!!

The pics are coming soon......

MUGS-of-THEE: Book Smart.....

My favorite girls in the world.. Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen are giving us a little piece of their life that I know I want to hear and see! The BEAT sisters are coming out with their very own fashion book! The book will consist of who they are inspired by and why. I'm excited to see the many influences that they have within the content of the book. Word is that they have interviewed each individual that they feel play apart in their fashion lives... It is set to be released in the Fall, by publishing powerhouse, Penguin.

((...I'll be the first in line!))

iCON :)

Paris Fashion Week: ...Him in a Dress

The great Karl Lagerfeld presented his collection at Paris Fashion Week....
.... and it was him.. in a dress.


((...enough said))

iCON :)

Ha! Plaid Pant Edition: Auntie Ashanti

Aunt Ashanti RAN and didn't "TIP" into TRL studios to premiere her vid for her latest single... I don't even know the name of it! But the only thing that mattered to me were these plaid pants the she took off the set of "Rock of Love 2"! Shanti was wrong for this look.... the greased swoop bang, the hoops, and last but not least that "sleevless" turtleneck! Ha! She gets another one! This girl's fit needs a kiss.. and a third wish!

((.... oh baby))

iCON :)


Go-C : Sonny-Our Pick For '08

One of my favorite male models is back!! Recently returning from Milan, this 19 year old kid is hittin us hard with these dope pics!! You know, that I know, almost every male model in the U.S and I see Sonny becoming one of the few sought after black male models. His look is far from commercial-yet he's still able to give that. Look out for him on BET's Rip The Runway airing March 4!! Sonny is definitely the one to watch!!

m a r q u i s . p h i f e r

She Paintin: Givin Me Every Bit Of Drag Queen.

Yesss Solo, you are given me drag!! Carta!! She is her. Solange is holding auditions for singers and band members for her band, Hadley Street Dreams.Thursday, March 6, 2008 from 12:00PM to 6:00PM.

SIR Studios.
6465 West Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90028

I'll be there with my mirror, Im one of the judges lol.
If you tip in beater than me or her, it's a chop.


m a r q u i s . p h i f e r

Cartier Times: Sitting-Perched & Unbotherd.

Kanye & Alexis.
Paris Fashion Week.
Front row at the Stella McCartney Fashion Show.

I love them so much.

m a r q u i s . p h i f e r

Designer Spotlight: Gucci on TOP

According to GUCCI has been named the #1 brand in the world! "In the latest survey, one in five global consumers said they would choose to buy Gucci (over any other luxury brand) if money was no option, making the Italian fashion brand that was revived by Tom Ford in the 1990’s the most coveted and aspirational luxury brand in the world today."

I am personally not shocked that GUCCI was declared this title. Simply because they have been around soooo long and every popular rapper and or music artist has sung about wearing it, and so on... Therefore they have been put on the forefront to be noticed... I personally love GUCCI but I do think that society is over saturated with it. I prefer a less popularized label any day.. Congrats GUCCI!

((....they're doing something right!))

iCON :)

Ha: C'mon Lady In Red-Fiesta, Fiesta.

Yo no le veo Mimi. Todo pedimos es un zapato estúpido y una cima desagradable. Alcanzamos nosotros para las estrellas aquí? Pedí limpio, atlético, sonriendo; ella dio mí me cansé y panzudo.

That's exactly what she looks like, now in english : I don't see it Mimi. All we ask for is a stupid shoe and a nasty top. Are we reaching for the stars here? I asked for clean, athletic, smiling; she gave me tired and paunchy.

Consiga outta aquí!!

m a r q u i s . p h i f e r

Fashion Diaries : Mode en Paris.

From my first encounter or shall I say rendez-vous with Paris, I instantly fell in love. I was intrigued, mezmorized, spellbound and wooed by this city of lights, it was love at first sight. From the Champs-Élysées to the Louvre to a ride down the river Seine, what's not to love about this beautiful city? And on top of all of the history, the architecture and the wonderful food, Paris manages to stay the fashion capital of the world. I often say, as Gertrude Stein did, "America is my country but Paris is my hometown" so it's only natural that I bring you my favorite collections from home, thus far.Tales from the Crypt, my self-imposed title for Rick Owens Fall 2008 collection, presented an array of creepy yet interesting pieces. When I first saw a piece of Owens on Ashley Olsen (a black leather jacket) I knew that I would be following this extraordinary gentleman for a while. This season, black maintained a heavy presence (something I know Marquis can appreciate), in many different ways. Leather of course made an appearance not only in the form of jackets in browns and metallic, but in legging form, with an exposed zipper and flair. Leaving flowers for spring Nicolas Ghesquiér brought Balenciaga lovers a sleek and sophisticated collection for fall. From the slicked bun to the tip of the pointed toe shoe (something I'll be getting used to), there was no denying that these garments were for the woman in charge. Opening the collection with black and white and transitioning into color during the latter part of the show was quite delightful. Making reference to many inspiring eras before us and paying homage to the houses founder, Cristobal Balenciaga and his Spanish heritage, Ghesquire shook the fashion world, yet again.

Fabulously Yours,

Jennifer Pauline


Uh-Oh: Somebody Stop Her!

Miss "Mancipation" is at it again.... Here's her new single "Touch My Body" video which is.... you know what, I'm going to let you watch and then see what you have to say! I will say this..She looks beautiful but she needs to act her bra size and not her shoe size! It's getting ridiculous! All these old cooties popping around out here...

((... come on baseball socks!))

iCON :)

Juice Box: I am So Dope...

Peep Jay-Z's lastest video "I Know" co-starring Zoe Kravitz. I love the song and the concept for the video, but it's so dark I can hardly see it. Jay-Z definitely stepped out the box with this one.


Juice Box: Puma x Alexander McQueen

Say hello to my favorite collaboration yet to come-the PUMA x ALEXANDER MCQUEEN DARK WINE AMQ RADIOGRAPHY MID. Inspired by the smooth texture and visual electricity of X-ray imagery, the AMQ Radiography Mid uses a new printing technique developed for this shoe. The brushoff 'metal' looking effect and military leathers give this shoe an unique industrial appearance while elegance of the ManCat graphic softens this effect and adds an air of sophistication. The ManCat tooth, a feline fang morphed with a human root, is the visual logo that represents the Alexander McQueen Puma brand.

info: fyi-mag

Black History Moment: Standing OUT.....

With the movement of African Americans and or African models getting more and more popularized in the industry.... Vivienne Westwood has made it possible for another one to become "spotlighted"..... Here she is in Viv's latest Spring ad looking very "haute" and I am always pleased when a strong "black" model as herself is put in the forefront. I am also happy that Vivienne still poses in her own ads to this day!
Kenyan model Ajuma Nasenyana has stormed the runway for Westwood herself, Victoria Secret, and Diane Von Furstenberg. Ajuma has been compared to the likes of Alec Wek and Atong Arjok which are both black African models. Please look for her to be featured more as the industry turns.... let's thank Chanel Iman and Jourdan Dunn for help making our people stand out!!! We love you all!

((...storm my people... storm!))

iCON :)

Mug-of-the-Moment: Gwen does V Mag

Everybody's favorite person sits on the cover of "V" magazine for the March issue. Styled by Andrea Leiberman and photographed by Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott, the cover is just one of 3 covers that was selected. Gwen is also rocking some hot shoes (the fetish heels by David Lynch and Christian Louboutin.) They are sickening... I think it's those shoes that Beyonce wore in the "Greenlight" video... anywho... what do you think about the cover?

((...this is the beat that makes us wind up))

iCON :)

Paris Fashion Week: Bold Statements....

Viktor & Rolf taught you how to say "NO" to not only flat shoes... but to low quality clothing as well! The dutch pair presented a very much so eye-popping collection at Paris Fashion Week this season. Using charcoal grey dramatic coats cinched at the waist as canvases, V&R displayed larger than life expressions such as "NO" and "DREAM" on them. It was also placed on the models faces, tee-shirts, and belt buckles. The usage of the dark make-up, and the pulled back hair gave the right exposure to the face so that the message was properly conveyed....
It really seems as though the show was fun-filled and flirty with the sheer blouses, and the colored sheer tights. Which are two trends that are heating up everybody's collections this season! That boost of red broke up the solemness of the greys and black that was used to display the verbiage on the clothing. The gold stitching used on the coats and some skirts were very detailed and brought about a small shimmer that added just the right touch to the muted look that was being given. The models trucked down the runway in cage sandal, sky high ankle booties and knee boots that symbolized the future of fashion... It was amazing....

((..they tried to make me go to rehab))

iCON :)

DKNY: Trends- Some Hope Atleast.

So, while I was flipping through GQ with my post-its I noticed the surrounding fashions amongst me. It seems as if alot of guys are doing layers-scarfs around the neck, over-sized sweaters and hoodies. I think it's cute. Finally guys are tipping away from box toe shoes and dockers. It's still a little too commercial for me, but overall I think it's a good look. Some men are scared to try new things which is totally fine. There is room for the safe guys and most of these DKNY looks can be found at Macy's or Dillards. Oh LateBoots readers please, don't act like yall never tipped into Macy's on a sale day and clean house. I've gotten some of my best Ralph Lauren pieces on that good 40%.

(( and my Macy's bill is due on the 8th!! ))

m a r q u i s . p h i f e r

Please Furgive Me.

As much as I love animals, I must say that I love fur equally as much. They're care free, you don't have to feed them or take them to the vet, you may take the time to brush them but that's about it! Fur is so fabulous and has been the mark of luxury since its birth into the fashion scene, whether a coat, a skirt, a hat or that cute little warmer that Carry carried in Sex and the City, j'adore fur. Well, for fall 2008, there was a plethora of fur seen on runways everywhere. Enjoy these pictures and decide what fur you'll be rocking this fall! I'll be in Paris with a vintage piece, what about you?

Fabulously Yours,

Jennifer Pauline

Since 16 I Was Comin Down Ridin Lexus.

My favorite girl is back on the scene, Lexus, I been missin you homie!! Here she is with Mr. Metallic himself at the Robert Cavalli Party in Paris. Oh how I love the life. Peep Kanye's shades.

Alexis and Kanye-Popluxe.

m a r q u i s . p h i f e r

TIP's-of-the-Week: Lucy & Kerry

Miss Cashmere Mafia herself "TIPPED" into Christian Dior's Autumn/Winter '08 collection in Paris dressed a lot like her character in a white Dior skirt suit and Dior handbag. I'm amazed at how Lui, has evolved into this sickening like fashion guru simply off of her being on this sitcom. Carrie Bradshaw anyone?!! Nonetheless... she "tipped" into this one!
The beautiful Kerry Washington "tipped" down the red carpet in a pre-fall Oscar De la Renta chartreuse look. She looks stunning and the colors are very bold up against her smooth shell.... Kerry is a force... that MUG.... goes hard!

((... you've been TIPPED!))

iCON :)


Let-Us-Pray: Na-Na needs Us!

America's favorite angry model is being hospitalized in Brazil for a mystery illness that's being kept away from the press. Word is that Naomi flew all the way from London to Brazil to have a Cyst removed and she was kept by officials. Let's hope that everything is okay with our buddy! What would the world do without our angry super-bitch..... go on?!!

((...let's send some up!))

iCON :)

Got-U-2gether: Ci-Ci fires Back!

Ci-Ci got us right together! Miss Dance Fever was spotted at the Hip-Hop Summit Action Network's Fifth Annual Action Awards in New York City. She actually looked..... ummm, good! I guess she lost her little shades on the plan and had to wear make-up! Russell Simmons honored her and a couple of "cool" artist for doing what they do.. I don't know, but Miss Promise said... "yall won't get me again"!! Come on Ci-Ci!

((...won't gag her anymore Phifer!))

iCON :)

Do-U-See-It: Cinched Wet Poodle

Lil Miss Dupri performed on Good Morning America today and it was wretched. She lipped her way through the entire performance and that stage fit needed a hug! I mean I really don't get why they would do this to her. Don't get me wrong I kinda like her CD, (well it's growing on me)), and I think she's gorgeous, but her image this time around is a huge flop.... Just like 20 Y.O. was!
Oh My God!! That synthetic of a mess on her head is the worse! Then, get this... later on that day she appeared on 106th & Park with a leather "paper boy" hat on looking like Angela Davis! This look is a chop Janet... there's your feedback!

((... i don't see her))


Paris Fashion Week: Christian Dior 2008

I know Christian Dior is smiling and patting himself on the back in his own grave for selecting Galliano to be his predecessor. Galliano has come a long way, but I feel that he has carried the label to heights he probably didn't imagine would happen. From his couture to the ready-to-wear, he never ceases to amaze me. This year in Paris I feel as though he grabbed inspiration from the socialites and first wives during the "Jackie-O" era. The big hair, drag-queen makeup, and the gaudy accessories led my thoughts right back to the days of a more glamorous and confident first lady that we wanted to see in Mrs. Kennedy.
Looking at this made me think right back to his couture line! Doesn't it?! I mean I'm guessing it's the color usage and bright makeup but nonetheless I adore it. What I love about Galliano is that he has a stamp. He stamps every single piece of his and let's you know that it is his. I can look at almost anything he does and off the back I would know Galliano had some kind of play with it. That's more than likely the reason why I see so much of his "couture" touch in his ready-to-wear line. The exaggeration in that gown is all too couture in my book! I live for it anyway! This line pops from the big hats, gloves, bags, and I even appreciate how he threw in the blacks & whites amongst ALL the color.... Galliano I applaud you!

(( pass me my Galliano))

iCON :)

Milan Fashion Week: Iceberg Fall/Autumn 2008

My good friend Andre' Micheal had my inbox loaded with messages telling me to check out the ruckus that Iceberg's latest collection has been causing. When I was reading his messages I thought to myself "Iceberg?" Isn't that the label I used to wear in middle school with all the animated/cartoon prints on them?! Yes, it was... but let me be the first to say... it's had a MAJOR upgrade! As I browsed through the looks I was blown away with what they presented. The ultra-fems stormed the runway in very serious make-up and their tresses pulled tightly off their face for that cat-like feel!
It was disgusting how much I was loving these stupid blondes and brunettes as they passed on the catwalk.Having a reputation for producing street wear in a high end spectrum means that the house had the ability to produce a collection that mixes street level experiments, with high end attention to detail and fabrics. The biggest surprise this season was in it's knitwear, braids of huge knitted ropes circled necks like an exaggerated gold chain and gave an edge to this season's biggest trend of sweater dressing. It was sickening.
When I saw the "cat-woman" ski mask... I SCREAMED.. because if you're a daily reader of LB, I posted the Timbaland -"SCREAM" video last week and in the vid, Keri Hilson and Nicole Scherzinger were rocking like full ski masks! I was living because this gave me the same tease! The huge fur jackets and dramatic sleeves took me in! There is nothing like an exaggerated sleeve and neck! Of course our girl Chanel Iman stormed the runway with a MUG that sits from here to Taiwan! She is EVERYTHING... & EVERYWHERE!
There has always been an element of animation with Iceberg, it was was once designed by Castelbajac and that spirit of humor and reverence for pop culture continues to be part of the brand's main identity. Iceberg rocked my box with this. I absolutely loooooooved the serious animation that they gave this collection, and it catapulted them (in my mind) to a higher, and better place in this industry! Let's hope this continues to keep them on their toes over in their camp so we can be blown away time after time! I looove you... AGAIN.... Iceberg!!!!

((...thanks Andre!))

iCON :)

Snap In A Circle : Discipline Out Today!!

My favorite song on the album is "So Much Betta" the song eats.

m a r q u i s . p h i f e r

LB Watch : Model Call Part 3-The Practice.

So here's the third installment of "behind the scenes" at Project X's final fashion show. Again I say, Im so inlove with all the girls they picked for the show. The creators are a few of my friends including LateBoots own iCON, and I wanted to show what goes on behind and before a fashion show. I so respect these guys because it takes hard work. From sponsors, venues, criticing the models walk, music, the looks for hair and makeup and the actual clothes to come down the runway.You already know me, Im with Brian Patrick Davis of CONCRETELOOP.COM, remember to check that out, it's the best black entertainment blog out there!!

Until we meet again.

m a r q u i s . p h i f e r