When Male Models Ran The Show

Model Tyson Beckford & Will Lemay at Vibe Magazine's 10th Anniversary Fashion Party back in 2003. Tyson and Will are the only two male SUPER models ( new kids are Lamar, Marcus, Wendell and Salieu). While Tyson's busy hosting t.v. gigs and saving the modeling world Will Lemay left the game to focus on his music. He now goes by "Tha Wiz".

Click here for Will Lemay's music page

Man just come back.

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Random $hit: Fresh Ta DeF

I'm sure you've already got the news and it's no surprise that I'm posting it. Ha! Kanye made #18 on Vanity Fair’s 69th annual International Best Dressed List. Yesssur! Click HERE to read the write up.


Juice Box: Lars Andersson

Born and raised in Lindesberg,Sweden, Lars Andersson is THAT designer to look out for in 09. With four years under his belt the Brooklyn based designer kills with the knits in his Spring collection for 09'. Tell me you didn't just fall in love with these shorts.

“These clothes aren’t made in a factory, Me and my knitters, we are five people working. we work with machines, but it is still hand made.” -Andersson


Juice Box: My Issh pt. 2

A couple days back I pulled some pieces of my favorite fall previews from Oak. As we get closer to fall the goodies keep rolling in. Now in the past I haven't been pleased with the new release from Creative Recreation but the these "cesario white" have me back on their team. Also after the jump check out a notch collar double-breasted cardigan by 3.1 Philip Lim.


Beyonce In Fashion Rocks

The Beeee is back-Beyonce is featured in the new Fashion Rocks magazine dressed in this Armani suit. She’s also set to perform at the Fashion Rocks event September 5th. Im excited because I have no idea what she's going to perform but I know she's going to be sick wit it. I always say when Beyonce is quite the girls should get ready because she has something up her sleeve. Remember her Deja Vu performance a few years ago?

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Thank You & You're Welcome

So, let me start off by saying was just a project that I started to pass off time. I wanted 4 individuals to showcase their love for music, art, fashion and also chronicle the life and times of the daily hustle. Within a year this September has taken over blogger in addition to our celebrity following. We have so many projects that we're working on for the Fall and upcoming Spring so we wanna keep things new, fresh and exciting.

We get tons of emails from the viewers and sometimes we're not able to read everyone. We've been coined as a movement so for us to move forward we are looking for new writers. Yes that's right, new writers for the re-launch of We will test you out and let our viewers decide who they live for. I'll admit this is going to be very hard because the bar has been set. We want people who really know fashion; not just a fan. Give me the forecast on next season, who's wearing what, where can it be purchased. Compare and contrast past collections; basically teach me something that I didn't know. Im not looking for recyclers. My suggestion: send me your article before you send me a bio on how fab you are. Im not interested in your fast-wit-over the top introduction. We work.

Im asking for you to send samples of your writing to:
( no bio, just 3 attached pictures )

Here's the YOU'RE WELCOME part, not only are we looking for Fashion Writers, we're looking for Lifestyle Specialist. You're probably that person who knows where all the hot spots are, you're into the art world and you are the go-to guy/girl. We want you. LateBoots will become global where we will hit the Atlanta, New York, LA and Miami markets. The guide to all things fab.

Send samples of your writing to:

You already know what we give. Now tip.

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Solo For The F Word- No Dry Humor

Solange is featured in Blender magazine in the " Who Does She Think She Is" last page piece. Recently Solo blogged about the youtube video we posted last week.

"Since folks seem to get their panties and briefs in a bunch when they see my dry sense of humor. I released a you tube clip this week (26th or something most viewed this week ) and I think its hilarious that people think I was under the influence of some sort. Ya Ya Woopsie Guys. If I was high, guess I was high off life or ghost dust on the set. hehehehe.
Anyways....I know this blender piece will provoke that disposition even more. When you see me getting carried out of the club (or going to one for that matter these days) or stumbling out of a bar, then get worried. Its called HUMOR people, find a sense of one and get used to me having one.

Ps: Feels good to be in London where saying Fuck is perfectly London. I can even say it on T.V..... can u believe it?

Fuck em.


“Armani Jeans expresses my vision of a young, independent, casual lifestyle with a strong and cool, fashion sensibility. Solange epitomizes this style perfectly and brings to it that swing so evident in her new single, I Decided,” Giorgio Armani commented on his newest muse."-Vogue

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Kutting Kesh

Now I first fell inlove with Kesh when we hung at Goldbar in nyc this summer. I loved her style, her figure and her big hair. Her London accent I adored because I loved when she said my name-MAR keys. She's known to think outside the box-Kanye even blogged about her so yeah she's kinna a big deal. But it seems that this UK Socialite wanted a new look and shaved apart of her head. Kesh is a free spirt so I totally get it. Funny cause I was just telling one of my friends that I wanted a new a haircut for the fall- I want to shave the sides and leave alot on top. We'll see.m a r q u i s . p h i f e r

I Respect The Simmons Hustle

I remember seeing this chick intern at BabyPhat and now her and her big sis own their own company. Angela debuts her video for "Center of Attention". The video is cool, it's a commercial for their Pastry line-sneaker collection that has grossed over 2 million dollars last year. Wow, Angela and Vanessa Simmons are taking notes from former auntie Kimora. Remember they were once daddy's little girls and now they make their own coins. I live.

Click here to shop

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The West Coast Editor-Book Of All Books

As the Creative Director for LateBoots and other ventures I've created an eye for what's aesthetically pleasing. I can point out a model in a crowd of 300 men and I can pick the best photo for a magazine spread. After seeing countless work from photographers I crave new shit. I love when people create a story with lust and sex. Im currently on that Tom Ford wheel. I want to take the time out to thank Cha'n Andre', the man behind Voyeur Photography.

Although he has Cali on lock I WANT HIM IN NEW YORK.
My vision-I want Voyeur to shot Lamar James and Omar Kennedy and I want to direct it. It would be sick. This West Coast GENIUS!! is one of, if not the best photographer out there. I marvel at the fact that he's able to capture the obvious and puts his own spin on things.
He has a voice and Im listening. m a r q u i s . p h i f e r

Marcus Lloyd For PF Flyers FW08 Catalog

photos: Steven Rose

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When Fashion Met Kim

Lil Kim is the most popular, she has the most members, the female rap world is wrapped up in being Kim. I don't care who tries to come for Kim-stay in your position. She is the Motha of them all, she's fashion, she's trends and she's legend.

"You got to hit me off, buy this girl gifts of course/ So I look slick, in my six, with my Christian Lacroix."

And you live.

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Shopping For Lateness..I Meant Labels

( Forces smile ) Fergie Ferg unveils her footwear collection with Brown Shoe during the WSA Show at the Las Vegas Convention Center.Groundbreaking.

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The Magic Bottle

I've got to start keeping my secrets on the low low before I see mini Marquis Phifer's tipping through the city. Take out your note pad for lesson number one. After a long day of being out in the sun ofcourse your skin is left damaged so at night when I wash all my sins away I baptise my face with Yves Saint Laurent Beaute Temps Majeur Intense Supplement.

I'll read you what's on the back of the box:

"Drawing from the treasures of traditional Chinese remedies, YSL Beauté Research has formulated an amazing elixir with three oils of rarem precious roses, selected for their extraordinary repairing and soothing qualities. From the very first moment, the skin is more beautiful, more relaxed, and more supple. Night after night, the cells regenerate and the epidermis rebuilds. More toned and more resistant, the skin is gloriously radiant."

I co-sign in agreement because it helps my face sit.

Priced at $435.00-you spend that on sneakers and jeans so deal. Fellas make it work.

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Miami Heat- I Put On

So this season has been all about the leg and I've always hid mine under pants but I must confess-Im in love with the short shorts. After being in New York for the summer I realized that I had no summer clothes so yesterday I decided to start my shopping. Now some might think that Im late but the jokes on you because there's still a month left of summer and shorts are now on that Good Good sale. I ordered all three from above-Lova ( 129.00 ) and Michael Kors ( 125.00 ).

Oh if you see me on the beach in Miami, buy me a drank.
I got that Good Good.

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The Blonde Boyz-More Fun Right

I've never been the one to go blonde but when I saw these pics I thought "Yes mam-now pass me my box." These models killed it, and yeah I know it's not typical but that's what this fashion thing is about. My favorite Salieu Jalloh, Shawn Sutton and Dominique Hollington went blonde for an editorial this weekend in NY. Wait go back and look at the pics boyz giving you blonde hair, what!!!.

photos: TheAgentMan

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Uh-Oh: Ci-Ci About To Let Us Have It!

Make way.... Like if you don't know... now you do! Little Miss Crunk & B is coming for the kids this quarter and she is NOT playing! Not only was it speculations that she was going to battle Queen Bey and debut her album the same day as hers but now she is taking the fashion/modeling industry by STORM! After completing a mediocre ad for Roca Wear, Ci-Ci felt her BEAT and got signed with Wilhelmina Modeling Agency (who knew?!) And now she has put in work to be casted as one of the next angels and sure it isnt Charlie's! Fish-tine is up to be the next face of Victoria's Secret! According to Lisa campbridge (a rep from Ci-Ci's label):

“It’s a perfect fit. It plays with her personality and her coming of age. It’s tasteful, sexy and beautiful, just like her.”

Sighs. I say this Lil Miss Crunky - do your thing. Why NOT? If it's something you feel like you can conquer, knock your self out! I will tell you this... if she gets on that runway looking like Reggie Bush, I am putting in my application at that sweat-shop over in Nova Scotia listening to Shanti singing "Spotlight" by J.Hud... yep, on repeat!

((..down! set!....TIP!))

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Could It Be - X-Tina Goes High Fashion?

Well I don't think she is making that attempt again! But heres Mrs. Aguilera posing for the commemorative MACY's spread celebrating their 150th Birthday Anniversary this October. Alongside Donald Trump, Martha Stewart, Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein they are all posing for famed Rolling Stone photographer Mark Seliger for a series of collectable photos to mark the occasion. As far as Christina's pic goes it actually channels the diva in a super "Galliano-esque" gown dressed with vines. The photo shadows back to the Macy’s Flower Shows, which first debuted in California stores in 1946.

This picture is actually appeasing to me for some odd reason. Do you SEE it? I mean X-Tina has always had her BEAT moments and this could very well possibly be one... or am I just seeing the GOWN?!

((...i take IT in doses))

iCON :)

Juice Box: Kitsuné

Kitsuné releases their Fall/Winter collection titled "A New Fox in Town" which spotlights cashmere and jeans. Designed by Masaya Kuroki, Kitsuné embodies elegance with clean cut lines that also work well with denim. Available in stores August 1st and at boutique Kitsuné, 52 rue de Richelieu 75001 if you're in Paris. More looks after the jump...


Christian Siriano - Presents For BlueFly

At the start of the last season of Project Runway me and my friends, that were interested in the show, would sit there and just go back and forth over who was our favorite and it would literally be like an full-fledged debate! But all in all the most creative and edgy individual came out on top - Christian Siriano. Here he is now with his debut line for
With messy pony-tails and form-fitting everything, Christian stuck with his norm but came with a real ready-to-wear look this time around. I was elated to see this aspect of the young buck simply because this is what I thought he couldn't execute. He totally showed his versatility here and it is very much so appreciated and apparently by many. Sources are buzzing about how several are his pieces are already sold-out and the collection just went on sale merely a week ago!
See here, the extra long gloves and the sheer ballon sleeved number gave me "signature" Christian Siriano but it was dumbed down to ready-to-wear by simply adding a pair of pencil-legged pants and a simple black peeped-toe stilleto. Who wouldn't want to TIP?! I love the "new-new" Christian! Keep it coming!

(('s no longer a project))

iCON :)

Juice Box: Fall Sneak Peek

I don't really do the sunglasses thing in the fall but the upcoming Fall collection from Super has me on a change of mind. Known heavily for their classic over-sized wayfarer style, Super is defiantly taking the eyes away from Ray-Bans. Seen on the faces of Kanye West to Sienna Miller and Mary-Kate Olsen. Designers Sean Michael Beolchini, Daniel and Simon Beckerman have created a buzz with the Italian eye-wear company based on one set style of eye wear. And you already know how I feel about it, if Kanye wears them they have an automatic fan base by default-just kidding. But check out more looks after the jump..