Uh-Oh: Ci-Ci About To Let Us Have It!

Make way.... Like if you don't know... now you do! Little Miss Crunk & B is coming for the kids this quarter and she is NOT playing! Not only was it speculations that she was going to battle Queen Bey and debut her album the same day as hers but now she is taking the fashion/modeling industry by STORM! After completing a mediocre ad for Roca Wear, Ci-Ci felt her BEAT and got signed with Wilhelmina Modeling Agency (who knew?!) And now she has put in work to be casted as one of the next angels and sure it isnt Charlie's! Fish-tine is up to be the next face of Victoria's Secret! According to Lisa campbridge (a rep from Ci-Ci's label):

“It’s a perfect fit. It plays with her personality and her coming of age. It’s tasteful, sexy and beautiful, just like her.”

Sighs. I say this Lil Miss Crunky - do your thing. Why NOT? If it's something you feel like you can conquer, knock your self out! I will tell you this... if she gets on that runway looking like Reggie Bush, I am putting in my application at that sweat-shop over in Nova Scotia listening to Shanti singing "Spotlight" by J.Hud... yep, on repeat!

((..down! set!....TIP!))

iCON :)