Could It Be - X-Tina Goes High Fashion?

Well I don't think she is making that attempt again! But heres Mrs. Aguilera posing for the commemorative MACY's spread celebrating their 150th Birthday Anniversary this October. Alongside Donald Trump, Martha Stewart, Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein they are all posing for famed Rolling Stone photographer Mark Seliger for a series of collectable photos to mark the occasion. As far as Christina's pic goes it actually channels the diva in a super "Galliano-esque" gown dressed with vines. The photo shadows back to the Macy’s Flower Shows, which first debuted in California stores in 1946.

This picture is actually appeasing to me for some odd reason. Do you SEE it? I mean X-Tina has always had her BEAT moments and this could very well possibly be one... or am I just seeing the GOWN?!

((...i take IT in doses))

iCON :)