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So, let me start off by saying was just a project that I started to pass off time. I wanted 4 individuals to showcase their love for music, art, fashion and also chronicle the life and times of the daily hustle. Within a year this September has taken over blogger in addition to our celebrity following. We have so many projects that we're working on for the Fall and upcoming Spring so we wanna keep things new, fresh and exciting.

We get tons of emails from the viewers and sometimes we're not able to read everyone. We've been coined as a movement so for us to move forward we are looking for new writers. Yes that's right, new writers for the re-launch of We will test you out and let our viewers decide who they live for. I'll admit this is going to be very hard because the bar has been set. We want people who really know fashion; not just a fan. Give me the forecast on next season, who's wearing what, where can it be purchased. Compare and contrast past collections; basically teach me something that I didn't know. Im not looking for recyclers. My suggestion: send me your article before you send me a bio on how fab you are. Im not interested in your fast-wit-over the top introduction. We work.

Im asking for you to send samples of your writing to:
( no bio, just 3 attached pictures )

Here's the YOU'RE WELCOME part, not only are we looking for Fashion Writers, we're looking for Lifestyle Specialist. You're probably that person who knows where all the hot spots are, you're into the art world and you are the go-to guy/girl. We want you. LateBoots will become global where we will hit the Atlanta, New York, LA and Miami markets. The guide to all things fab.

Send samples of your writing to:

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