Christian Siriano - Presents For BlueFly

At the start of the last season of Project Runway me and my friends, that were interested in the show, would sit there and just go back and forth over who was our favorite and it would literally be like an full-fledged debate! But all in all the most creative and edgy individual came out on top - Christian Siriano. Here he is now with his debut line for
With messy pony-tails and form-fitting everything, Christian stuck with his norm but came with a real ready-to-wear look this time around. I was elated to see this aspect of the young buck simply because this is what I thought he couldn't execute. He totally showed his versatility here and it is very much so appreciated and apparently by many. Sources are buzzing about how several are his pieces are already sold-out and the collection just went on sale merely a week ago!
See here, the extra long gloves and the sheer ballon sleeved number gave me "signature" Christian Siriano but it was dumbed down to ready-to-wear by simply adding a pair of pencil-legged pants and a simple black peeped-toe stilleto. Who wouldn't want to TIP?! I love the "new-new" Christian! Keep it coming!

(('s no longer a project))

iCON :)