Boots & The City: Hello New York-Day 1

May 29th -Finally, I arrive. I step foot in the city of sex & sin, if only my travels were that simple. I had the WORST day at the airport and my introduction to New York was not so kind. The day started when I arrived to the airport in Atlanta, I was under the impression that I could bring 2 bags to be put under the plane, well the joke was on me, I was only offered 1 free bag, I had 6 total. I ended up paying over two hundred dollars just for my luggage alone. I had purchased a first class ticket weeks ago but I was still "randomly selected" to be checked, I was touched in all the wrong places by some guy named Tshawn, and my they went through all my bags (this is why I say it's important to have a MARQUISJET Card, Im getting mines soon, I got to hustle a little harder though). What made my day were these women TIPPING through the airport, I swear one of them looked like Victoria Beckham, it was her and her mother who was BEAT, both of them had chopped bobs, tights on, HIGH pumps and the nanny was pushing the stroller with a toddler in tow, I was like " yall betta give these American's hell" ( they had an accent ). It must have been some event in the presidential suite because everyone at the airport was beat, I felt so under dressed.

So I finally make it to New York, me and all 6 pieces of my luggage, I get a cab and Im thinking I can finally sit down, he taps on the window and asks " so are you going to help me with this luggage"....I was over it. I get dropped off on Madison Ave. and the doorman at this building only works the front desk, which means I had to tow 6 bags to the ninth floor....but the apt made up for it...And what's with these hot ass apartments, these window units are killing me....Well today Im on the hunt for an iron and a full length mirror, wish me luck. ( I have no idea of how to ride these trains )...

m a r q u i s . p h i f e r