Boots & The City : Off To Brooklyn Circus-Day 2

May 30th-I must admit, I fell back in love with the city today. I was woken up by the sun light beaming on my face which looked like 12pm but was 5am instead!!! I figured what the hell, it's day two and I have yet to see my girl Sham, we took a lil trip to Brooklyn, she got lost, ( I didn't ) and she claims to be a veteran...I didn't see it.Off to see the circus, we walked blocks and blocks and blocks and blocks and blocks till finally we found The Brooklyn Circus store. I now know why Sham loves this brand so much, I was so impressed with their "Varsity" collection-very preppy but still street. There is this one bag that I want but I refused to take a picture because I don't want nobody to get it!!We then made our way to Soho where we shopped at almost every store, I loved having all the retail spots at arms length, we ended our time with dinner at some place I care not to remember, the waiter was so damn stupid, its now 11:22pm so Im heading to bed, I have an appointment early in the morning.....see you tomorrow.

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