Carta: Toiletry Bag-Face-Make It Sit Then Tip

Many have wondered and questioned what I use to keep my skin clear, and only because it's the holidays Im willing to share Anthony with you. Question 1: What do I do? -Keeping it simple, I don't do the peels, injections or lasers, just a basic face wash, toner followed by a SP15 moisturizer. Now many people have different skin types, I was blessed to have "nice" skin if you will, so I don't need to do alot, but for those who are having skin issues should consult with a dermatologist ( make them your new bestfriend ). Now I will be honest, a few years ago I was having alot of breakouts because my body produces more oil which clogs up your pores and I sought out for help ( not talking Proactive ). One thing you should know is that it does cost money when going to the derm doctor but it's your face, no price is too high. After a few prescriptions and shots my skin cleared up and I haven't had any problems for years now. Also stress causes breakouts so I try not to over analyze things or take myself too serious. Above I've included the products and the price of what I use, and no you won't break the bank, Im hoping the next time I see you your face will sit and be flawless yes?

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