Hold The Mirror.

Photo: Chambray

"My name is Chris and I want to start by saying that you and Sham really do a good job with I think I read the LB more than I read my own blog --Yeah, ya'll are just that dope ! Putting different styles together seems to be second nature to you so hopefully you can help me out a little. I think chambray shirts are really cool, so I went out and bought one.
Problem : I don't know what else to wear with it to complete the look. Hope you can help me out." -Chris

The solution: A Chambray can either be the statement piece, or fall into the background. Both can work. You could tone down the chambray by boosting a bright colored short or patterened short. You can also layer a long sleeved shirt under the chambray (see attached). Another alternative is a fitted jean of a darker wash than the chambray. To put some extra bass in your walk, you must rock the shirt with a awesome pair of sunglasses, preferably black or dark brown (maybe tortoise shell).