Party Animal.

Photos: Morehouse College, Douglas Hall-4:20am

Hey do you have any Morehouse inside you? ---Would you like some? Have you ever played with sexy expensive books straight into the night without any shut eye?

Morehouse College: The problem solvers; young moguls, young rich motherf*ckers, young ballers. Application for Billionaire Boys Club enrollment starts here

Last week of school--- Im startin to think all this studyin is bad for my health, cause in the morning Im'a still feel dumb. That means when I wake up in the morning Im'a still be dumb. I should be Hard Knocktorian of my class; Im inspirational and persuasive--I always did prefer street smarts over school smarts. But when the final grades make their debut, I'll soak the year's college transcript in my favorite cologne and then set it ablaze. Here's to a fresh start.

Forget English let's talk--*text message from Mother: your dad just put money in this morning. Will deposit the rest tomorrow.