When I Had A Myspace.

Artist: Miguel Jontel

Myspace did it's thing, it was a great networking tool but I had to lay her to rest a few weeks ago. It got so boring but I will say that I've came across some of the best hidden talent out, whether it's modeling, music or fashion. I use to always pick my myspace page song carefully, I'd make sure that it represented my current mood, I never wanted commerical artist, I wanted you to come to my page and say " who sings that song?" That brings me to LA based artist Miguel Jontel, his sound is CRAZY and he always graced my page. My favorite joint is QUICKE, LET'S JUST BE, OVERLOAD, damn near the whole playlist. I told him awhile back that Im def a supporter, just let me know when the album releases. This guy is the new, mark my words, and take a listen for yourself.

Miguel Jontel