Hello Black Woman.

Item: Blackberry Curve 8900

iPhones suck, yeah I said it. It's so hard to text message, and any phone that's touch screen feels like a joke is being played on me. I can't stand it. Since my Blackberry purchase in '07, I can't imagine life without it. BBIM is my favorite feature. I'll admit, the internet doesn't navigate like the iPhone, but hell if I wanna play in the net I'll do it on my Mac. So the people at Blackberry released a newer version, 8900, and it has the same features as the previous Curve but just a newer sleeker body. One of my friends is pressuring me to put a purchase on it, but until I get my full T-Mobile ( upgrade ) discount Im passing. It's a hot phone though. iPhones should be flushed in the toilet.