Sneak & Eat.

Item: Burger King Burger Shots

You know the drill, you're never suppose to admit these things but Burger King's "Burger Shots" is the chic answer to downing the original Whopper. Not being a fan of such a big beef concoction, I find these shots make me feel.....good. An upgrade from Krystals #1, Tayo, am I telling too much? These little things are crack, paired with one of those ICEE joints, BEST $6.00 spent. I had a craving for these a few nights ago and I went to the Burger King on Northside here in Atlanta. It was around 11:00pm, I hit up the drive thru and she said "Welcome to Burger King how can I take your order", I said can I have some burger shots, with an ICEE, she replied " we ain't got no moe beef".


( Insert attitude ) "You still wanna order? All we got is chicken and fish". Huh? They should've polity knocked dem lights off with a "no moe beef" sign on the windows. Who goes to Burger King for chicken and fish?? "Girl goodnight" moment.

Try them, go before 11:00 pm. I support the burger shots.