Cartier Times: Tyra Banks Stacking

Ty Ty Banks will produce another reality show as a companion to "America's Next Top Model." The untitled show will have contestants battling it out to win a position in the fashion industry. It's being described as a cross between "Devil Wears Prada" and "The Assistant." Each week contestants will take part in an individual challenge and a group challenge. One by one they will be eliminated. I am "low key" amped about this show. If you have ever seen the "Fasionista Diaries", you would probably understand why! Tyra Banks is filling her coin bags my people! ANTM has become one of the MOST successful running reality TV series, and NOT to even mention her talk show which is becoming more & more popular. I personally feel that Tyra is looking to be the next Oprah... You don't see it? I do! Well be on the look out for this one... Hell I may be on there!!

((Ty Ty Baby.... sitting on dough...))