LB Look Book: TIP in Jean Paul Gaultier

So this Spring-It's all about form fitting trousers and riding boots. Finally somewhat of "real fashion". Men's fashion BORING-It's too safe, and lacks any creativity. In order to be a fashionable man, it seems as if you would need look books to guide you on your way. And that's where JEAN PAUL GAULTIER comes in at. His FALL 2008 MENS COLLECTION is giving me what I need, well from the waist down atleast. High boots tucked in form fitting pants, a must!! It's my look for this Spring. But boys be ready, people will stare and take a double glance chanting "does he have on riding boots", some don't understand fashion, for they feel as if a suit and square toe shoes is making a statement. I adore all of these looks, it's for that man who wants to TIP into any event or place and bring something new.

Perfect. Thank God somebody came to work today.

from the editor's room.