Hall Closet: Walking out of Cardigans!

Around a 75-foot tall replica of an iconic Chanel cardigan jacket did the models at the Chanel spring/summer '08 couture show circulate yesterday. The giant structure sat in the center of Paris's Grand Palais and rotated slowly, you know... just in case you happened to forget where you were. The show's finale saw Karl Lagerfeld greet model Devon Aoki for the crowd-pleasing finish.The French house's timeless Chanel jacket was not only the show's centerpiece, but also held a strong presence in the show, with new versions of the tweed skirt suit. Romantic puffs, pleats and drapery added fresh elements, while heels were tossed aside in favour of flats... yes, flats!The soft colours of shells in pale pink and cream contrasted neatly against black detailing in ruffles, feathers and metallic embellishment. In a mostly shirt-skirt collection, the inspiration of shells and an underwater world left swirls of tulle in just a handful of exquisite floor-sweeping gowns. Now EVERYBODY knows that I don't live for the FLAT SHOE, but since it's Karl... I'll accept it here! Besides... he got phish pumping out of a CARDIGAN the size of BEYONCE'S wig trunk! Yessssss Karl!!

((once again... he delivers...))