Cartier Times: It's A CHOP!

The 2008 NRJ Music Awards were held in Paris over the weekend, and Rihanna and Kylie Minogue were in attendance. Both gorgeous ladies chose dresses that had pretty detail on the back as well as the front, proving that fashion is a 360 degree experience – especially on the red carpet. Rihanna chose a dove grey toga style gown which draped over one should and flowed down her back. It was chinched back with a striped ribbon which gave the dress some much needed colour and pizazz. Kylie was not missing any pizazz in her floral gown. The mini dress featured stiff ruching around the bust before flowing out into a full mini skirt which featured a black silk band around the hem that was tied up into a rosette on her famous backside. It was a bold look, but also I think, a big fashion no. It was just too much.

((i dont see it... its a "silent" HIYAH!....))