Juice Box: Just Another Rich Kid

New York based artist and designer Ken Courtney is the founder of the independent fashion label Ju$t Another Rich Kid. The collection is compromised of tailored, custom fit, men’s and women’s crew and v-neck t-shirts, short-sleeved polo shirts, and hooded sweatshirts. Every season a new collection is designed, using an electric mix of one-of-a-kind artist-drawn graphics, each with a hint of rebelliousness and a taste for all things pop culture and music-related. Ju$t Another Rich Kid has been noted every major fashion and lifestyle publication worldwide, including: Vogue, Surface, Clone, Neo2, DNR, Spoon, Blackbook, Antenna, Sportswear International, A4, V Man, Bon, Milk, L’Uomo Vogue, the New York Times, Flaunt, Zoo, Arena, Pig, Popeye, Genre, Clear, Time Out, Vice, Art:Review, Fader, Art Forum, Saatchi Online, WAD, among others. Get real familiar with Just Another Rich Kid.check out an exclusive interview with Ken Courtney at