First Day Like An Intern.

Photos: Marquis & Sham buttons ( iWonder-Limited Edition )

I know you've been patient, checking back everyday to see if the for sale sign was up. Anxious and attentive; scrolling past fashion posts--Marquis pouts and how-to cuisines searching for the link that would set your LateBoots fantasy free. Well ladies and gentlemen, the day has arrived where you can become Marquis or Sham...or both at the same time if you're nasty. And I mean nasty at work, hustling till 3am and you have to get up at

Marquis and I have built a blueprint with LateBoots, becoming an extrovert has never looked so easy or so good? Then again don't let the photos fool you, we were born with a spoon in our mouths--it just wasn't silver. We worked with the tools we had and continue to find more along the way; I belong right where you see me. Buy your buttons today and see where you go tomorrow. But remember, there are side effects and proceed with caution.

LateBoots, it's a society of Hard Knocks--and some are called to do the teachin.

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