We Are--Yeah I Said It--We Are.

Photos: SoBe Summer Fridays

Last Friday I avoided the camera's. I could barely move in my Calvin Klein suit and I didn't want to break---a sweat. But I used my down time for some dialogue time. Sky Gellatly is probably the marketing director for most of your favorite websites and brands. You see he has been Phi'ed. And Pierre Downing, you might know him from the tv. I think he's getting into acting. Oh and this other girl, I call her my Rihanna--she should be running the town. And to my new love, Briana--that is the new BFF. Yo B can I get a custom M. Phifer mens duffle bag?--I'll explain later. This Friday we'll be sipping cocktails by SoBe and enjoying a runway show and sample sale. Yeah I still can't help the ones who are not on the guest list. Send me an email on Saturday. Let's go B!

Oh and the highlighted names do move.