Facial Aerobics.

Photo: Inside my medicine gym

Did you RSVP to my Facial Aerobics class? If not then leave the facility now!! So I rarely let people inside of my prep room, and no there is no Michael Jackson type stuff goin on but alot of people ask me how do you--your skin is so--I want mine like. So because today looks as if it'll be a good day I decided to not only share but to show you what I use. Although I've used many products in the past I have now found the perfect workout regime for my face. I use lady products because the "mens" are too harsh for my delicate baby skin lol---and I honestly don't want my face to smell like an old man.

As surprised as it may seems I don't wash my face with water, I use L'Oreal Skin Genesis towelettes followed by Fashion Fair Deep Pore Astringent and Cetaphil Daily Moisturizer. It's also very important to exfoliate once every week, so I use Fashion Fair Facial Polisher. Yes all of these products can be found at department stores and your local drug store.

And that is my Dream Team.