Order Confirmation.

Photos: Emil Wilbekin and I have dinner @ Elmo-- just dropped off his pair of Marquis & Sham iWonder Limited Edition buttons

Death of my blog tunes; this might offend my blogger connects. Moment of silence. Do you know who that is? Emil Wilbekin--I just might stop blogging to focus on other ventures. He was the 12-year tenure as Editor-in Chief of “Vibe” magazine, Vice-President of development for the upscale Marc Ecko Collection and also as an editorial board member at Ecko-owned magazine Complex and more recently for his work as Editor-in-Chief of GIANT Magazine. Inspired yet? Good---great--better---best but I must leave it to rest. Can this serve as my two weeks? Lol we making a membership only society--you gotta register with your button confirmation number. I don't blog for my health. Sham we given out too much for free--do you see who my father is.

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New York, NY 10011