Hall Closet: The Andre Leon Talley

I'm home for the holidays and Ive finally had the chance to finish the book that has told me so much about myself and its not even my memoir. Sitting home snuggled in my room that I havent visited in months, entitled A.L.T, Andre Leon Talley's memoir has consumed my holiday with its knowledge and the history of his life which I can relate to in almost EVERY aspect.

For those who dont know Talley is the editor-at-large for American VOGUE, and is alone a fashion mogul among African Americans and has played dress up with several stars such as Mariah Carey and Jenifer Hudson. Its a great book people and he has inspired me in so many ways to do what I love, and one day I plan on filling his shoes and or walking down the same avenues that he did. He is mosr definitely and ICON in my world. Oh, yeah... I was him for Halloween! LOL... Make sure you cop the book, and catch some pics of him and myself after the jump.

((Anna darling, has the cover shoot been moved up??LOL))


Andre Leon Talley

iCON (As Andre Leon Talley)