LB Watch : Welcome To PhiferWood

So many people ask what is a typical day like for Marquis.Phifer, what does he do? Well follow me on one of my off days-it seems to never end. I wanted to go out without security (( they are so rude to oncoming people)). So I started the day with vintage shopping, then having dinner at one of my favorite soul food spots, and ending it at a party hosted by Lavish Life. You will also learn how to take one outfit from daytime to nighttime. (( just don't take it off! )) So come with......

12:43PM-Vintage shopping with my friend Tye Green. We found some cute stuff, and then some ugly!

3:25PM-Favorite soul food spot in atlanta, Busy Bee's, Ms. Shelia I see you!!!

4:45PMTyring to study for these damn finals!

12:20AM-Now off to East Side Lounge where my friends from Lavish Life Social Club Hosted "The Good Life 2"

2:25AM-Finally making it home.