Favorite Things : marquis.phifer Edition

So it's 3 days until Christmas and you've already seen the items that the staff members here at LateBoots want. Im ending the "Favorite Things" with a few pieces that I so want. Believe it or not Im not really a materialistic person, I like life changing $hit. New car, job, a private jet card so I don't have to go through airport security. Oh and that job at GIANT Magazine!! Since Im moving to New York summer '08 and I so want to stay at Trump Towers, hell I even found the apartment I want!! Its umm 3.5 million. And if you know me, you know Im obsessed with my hair, so I want the frederic fekkai brush. Most of us know knowledge is key, so I want the Louis Vuitton Enclyopedia trunk, might as well learn in style.

Merry Christmas you guys, lets hope that next year when you read GIANT you might end up seeing my name in the credits!!

signed and with love,