"Of The Year"... Kevo's Picks

Karl Largerfield one of the most prestige men in the whole fashion game. Although he isn't the man who you always see in the lime light he is "Fashionably Big". Karl designs for big time labels such as Fendi to Chanel. He is the man who designs Fendi's eclectic hand bags and Chanel's antique rich look." Praise" him Karl is the man and i think in 2007 he showed us why he works for these labels. I admire him for coming up with those concepts and ideas for his collections that he designed. Each garment that he designed and presented on the run-way was breathless and mouth dropping but simple. I want to be like Karl someday when i grow up so.....




" Decades" that is how I would describe our fashion trends of 2007. We've seen everything from 1980's bright crazy colors to 1940's high waisted pants for women to bell bottoms to flat Top haircuts. I think everybodyhad a enjoyment of dressing either 80's or what we refer to as " Vintage".

I myself experienced dressing 80's which seamed to be popular especially on the streets in most places. Overall I think most people enjoyed the whole different decade look and it brought out most peoplecreative side but not for all! Im curious to see what 2008 trend will be and how you can predict look at whats popular now but not so popular right now. sounds crazy but thats how trends become!!

Kelis! you are definitely the "BOSS" of fashion. Although 2007 wasn't Kelis big year she still proved that she had style. In my opinion Kelis's style is so SICK and innovative. She always seams to be the trend setter from her curly wild colorful hair, to her short cut blonde hair. Every outfit she puts on is very unique, It could be the simplest outfit but somewhere on that outfit there is going be a twist with it. As a male, to me there are not alot of female stars who style stick out to me but, I admire her style alot and in 2007 she still amazed me by coming hard with different looks, the one thing that sticks out to me about Kelis is that she never looks the same and she has that edginess that makes her different from the rest.