1-of a-Kind: Vividbraille part 2

Vividbraille takes pride in creating a brand that seemingly is impossible to categorize. It also takes pride in blurring the lines between fashion, design and thought. The founder and creative director Brock Willsey likes to refer to his brand as simply “metaphoric and intelligent.” His idea of a futuristic brand is one that goes beyond the fabric and tags, a label that extends itself to its clients like a book, a poem or a song. Vividbraille does just that, with thought and meaning attached to every piece in its collection. The garments are hand assembled, printed and sewn. Vividbraille brings together exclusivity, fashion, and thought seamlessly. This idea is best explained by vividbraille’s mantra “Seen & Felt” and is at the root of the conceptual brand known as vividbraille. -VB

Vividbraille lookbook-mens
Vividbraille lookbook-womens

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What is the name of your line and where did it originate from?
Vividbraille…It originated from the idea that the ultimate fashion label has to be seen on an exterior level and felt on an internal level.

What made you want to design a fashion line?

I have always had something inside of me that just doesn’t rest. Its this deep desire to leave a legacy and make a difference. I guess I have an intense fear of leaving this world and not making an impact worth mentioning.

What are your signature designs?

Wow, I am so caught up in the moment that I tend to be bias to the latest and tend to disregard designs of seasons back. Regardless my favorites are “Seen & Felt” which was featured in Complex magazine, another design was a framed image of a masked topless woman across her face and body it says “everyone’s a fucking model” the interesting part is that “fucking” is in Braille and the design has a built in censorship yet directly associated with Vividbraille, I just think its was one of my more layered designs. I believe it’s still available at I have never been so satisfied with our latest installment titled installment V. This next collection will be available for the fall/winter 08 season.

What’s your favorite piece from any of your collections?

“Seen & Felt” limited edition black on black

How would you describe your work?


What’s your ultimate goal?
To create the most intelligent clothing label in the world that gives back both visually and mentally

What inspires you?

Something inside of me that I cant describe

Who do you have in mind when you design?

My design time is very personal; many times my inspiration comes from love or the loss of it. Both love in the traditional sense and love in the more general sense.

How has your own experiences affected your work as a designer?

There is no separation; I was raised in a city called Flint in Michigan, a very average city with crime and other problems typical of city life. The combination of what I saw around me and what was going on inside of me created an intense desire to create impact, I chose fashion and design as my medium for impact.

Is the idea of creative collaboration important to you?

Important? No. I have enough material to last me three lifetimes, unfortunately I haven’t had the opportunity to work with other artists, I do look forward to working with other artist in the future. Exciting? Yes.

Is designing difficult for you and, if so, what drives you?

Yes, it is a very personal process to me. I tend to be a perfectionist, or so I’m told. I put a lot of pressure on myself, and seem to be the most creative under pressure situations.

What’s your definition of beauty?

To me beauty has to be something you can see, feel, taste and touch. Whether a person, event or place, it is something that gets inside of you, beauty is an artist drug.

Have you ever been influenced or moved by the reaction to your designs?

Not that I can recall, I remember the first time I ran into someone out of state who was wearing a Vividbraille piece, that was intense at the time.

What is the most important lesson that you’ve learned?

Nothing is black or white, everything is shades of grey

As a designer, who do you wear and what’s in your closet?

Vividbraille, J. Lindeberg, Levi’s, London Fog and Creative Recs

What can the public expect from your line in the future?

Ultimately Vividbraille will design and create not only a full cut and sow collection for both men’s and women’s, but also create bags, jewelry and electronic accessories.

When and where can the public purchase pieces from your collection? and