Dom Kennedy - The Interview

Last week I introduced you to Dom Kennedy, an up-coming artist hailing from Los Angeles. Check out his official interview with in the "Read More" and also peep the video for his first single "who rolling with me" off of his new album titled The 25th Hour.

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-Richy Ro$$

What separates you from other artists today?

My natural ability to stand out and my memory. I don't really get involved in whos better than who I just focus on what Im doing and make sure its my best effort. The rest will take care of itself. I read a TI interview where he said he isnt better than anybody he is just more well put together. I mirror that statement.

Who would you sign with tomorrow?

Myself! But honestly everybody and everything has a price mine its just gonna be real high haha. I could probably tell you who I wouldnt sign with before I can tell you who I would tho.

What is the process of writing for you, what are you most inspired by?

Im mostly inspired by people. Sometimes places but more often people. I don't force myself to write anything, I have to have something to talk about. The worst thing I could do is make a song just to make a song. If a have a great beat I try to conect with it and find something alot of people to vibe to and connect with. Writing is always personal with me.

What is the style of your records?

My style of record is a record from a young kid from LA. Thats it. Thats all I am and all I ever will be. So everytime you hear my song you will know exactly where it came from and who is behind it. I don't try to blend in or do whats popular. I try to be and make sure people who know me can be proud of the songs I come up with. And thats exactly what my songs soung like.

Can you tell me more about the messages embedded in your songs?

I dont really try to preach to people with my music but I would be lying if I said I didnt think about the effect I have on people hearing my music. Almost every song I make has some sort of message in it. Even a song like who rollin with me I talk about things like wearing a condom. Think about that.... every rapper in every song in todays music talks about having sex but hom many times do they even mention condoms? I could go on forever...

What is your favorite song on the album, why?

Damn thats hard, every song mens something different. If I had to pick one it would be Dreams Don't Come True just cause it has so many important people and events mentiond in the song. I love em all though.

What is the story behind your album?

The story behind my tape is that I felt like it was time. Alot of things in Hip Hop are being ignored right now and I just wanted to have my say. I believe Hip Hop is a youth movement, it started that way and always will be that way. Its just time we returned to what everyday people live like. Good times, bad times, finding a new girl you like, breaking up with a old girlfriend etc are things that never change. Rap music is suppose to be the voice of the young people and pretty soon it will be again. 25th Hour is just getting you ready for whats about to happen. Stay tuned.

Is it possible to look at music and style separately?

Music and style go hand and hand. Every great Hip Hop artist had a unique style. Style for a rapper is very important because if people see your into the same things they are then they connect with you more. Then if they see your ahead of the curve style wise, the world is yours.

What is it about “performing” that satisfies you?

Performing gives me time to be with fans of my music. Its the best experience for a artist because we spend alot of time writing and perfecting our craft then to see people respond to it in person is the best shit ever. I practice performing at the house all the time. You just kinda fall in love with it I guess.

Who would you like to work with?

I would like to work with young up and coming artist/producers like myself. I could easily just say I wanna blow up and work with just blaze or kanye west and maybe I will but thats not what Im here for. I listen to beats daily from producers all over so if you reading this and got some beats get at me!

What artist and or/ genre of music influenced you growing up?

DJ Quik, Stevie Wonder, Biggie, Ice Cube, Jay and Im sure I missed a couple but those did for sure. Im Hip Hop to the heart but Stevie Wonder is the greatest to me.

What projects are you currently working on?

hummmm alot of things. I cant really say too much cause I dont want to give it away then get lazy and people be like "what happen?" But Im not even done for 2008 so be on the look out.

How do you want to be remembered in the music industry?

Mainly as a person who stood for something. I want to leave a legacy that shows kids hard work and great ideas can get you places you never thought you would go. Whatever it is you want to do, do it!

When and where can your music be purchased?

Right now you can only download it on my myspace page, but In a little over a month I will have copies for sale at shows and wherever you can find me. PEACE