Get-Back! 1st Annual FIERCE Awards

I don't care what TyraKeisha does in her everyday life, and people can bash her all they want, but I still LOVE her. I feel that T.K. is definitely on the come up out here, and before you know it... she's going to be sitting on a gold mine!! Anywho, Bankable held the 1st annual "Fierce Awards" (which I feel was a joke) in NYC and they will air on her show during an upcoming episode. The awards show brought back some "old" veterans from ANTM.... But I bet you can't guess who this is....
....It's Miss "I was born to do this" Jade!! She is actually sitting in this pic!! I chose her because she looked the hottest to me. The other backwood figurines that stumbled down the red carpet are after the jump!

((...what REALLY defines the word FIERCE?))

iCON :)

Stamped!!! Jade is SICK-O-NING.

Bianca (cycle 9) has always been WRETCHED to me. Here she is in her Greek-Um dress with a embellished kitten heel. I don't see it.

Camille (Cycle 2)

Carrie-Dee (winner of cycle 7)

Jaslene (winner of cycle 8)

Joanie (cycle 6)

Mr. Jay Manuel (Miss ANTM!)

My "HOMIE" Keenyah (cycle 4)

Salesha (winner of cycle 9)

Tocara (cycle 3) Looking real awkward...