Got Her Right Together!

I almost fell out of my chair when I saw this! Well actually my friends asked me had I read the latest InStyle magazine and I told them that I hadn't gotten a chance to. So being a HUGE Destiny's Child fan, I was soooo upset when I saw this! In a portion of the magazine Kelly Rowland was being highlighted for rocking a Burberry number that was real popular this past year. Under her image they didn't mistake her for Bey, hell not even Solange... they called her "Miss Stop This Car"..MICHELLE WILLIAMS! I was like how could that even be a typo?! I believe it was a set up! LOL.

InStyle needs to be SMACKED! Giving Kellz too much! We LOVE you Michelle, but this wasn't right... Chelle you know you don't rock couture!!!! LMAO.

((...made her lose her BREATH!))

iCON :)