Introducing...BEAT & BEATER!

House Mova and Daughter are back at it again adding yet another division to their Dereon empire. According to sources Tina & Bey are pairing up again to start their very own accessories and sunglass line for HOD.

Tina Knowles stated, "I can't wait for jewelry and sunglasses because we're just accessories people."... We know and SEE that Moma Tina!

Besides creating their accessory line, BEAT & BEATER will also be conjuring up a lingerie line that I am very excited to see! Sighs... I'm telling you... this KNOWLES clan is the next Jackson's! Let's put Matthew up for President! America will prevail!

*TIP Baby Daniel, TIP!

((...they WILL do for you what MARTIN did for the people))

iCON :)