MODEL without the TOP?

...Well I have been crying for the past 10 minutes. Seriously. Ok... here we go, according to OK Magazine & MSNBC TyraKeisha is supposedly going to walk away from ANTM and hand it over to another "TOP MODEL". Sighs. I don't see it. I just don't see it Ty-Ty! Like I'm used to seeing that MUG, yes, that MUG that you see up top... glaring at the camera when it comes back from commercial right before judging! Word is that she also isn't getting along with Jay Manuel (the blonde bombshell) that directs the photo shoots. Wonder whats that about?! Anyway, I hope this doesn't fly because ANTM wouldn't be the same without TyraKeisha! I need that MUG in my LIFE!

((....i WANTED to be on TOP))

iCON :)