Myspace Style : Luigi

I must admit it, I sometimes scroll through peoples myspace page and look at their pictures for style purposes. I always see alot of fresh and dope styles so I randomly just decided to have a section showcasing some of the freshest "style wise" people from myspace.

In my opinion having a sense of style doesn't mean being overly styled or "doing too much", you can have on basic pieces and still be stylish. And nor do you have to have on labels from head-to-toe ( a sick-o-ning shoe will help ).

To kick off this new venture, I've decided to go with Luigi, his look is so simplistic with the YSL shirt and raincoat, but with the glasses it ties this whole look together.

A disclaimer; Im not sure if the labels are real or fake, but the finished look is very obtainable and rockable.

m a r q u i s . p h i f e r