Phifer Table 4 1 : Search For Atlanta's Best...

Atlanta is a city that is under construction, meaning it has potential but nothing thrills me anymore. So like most, I like to go to the best restaurants/chill spots to buy some time ( as if I didn't have tons of things to do already ). Im not really into commercial places, I like small and intimate /unheard of mom and pop places. So yesterday it was raining here in the A and I hate the rain because all she does is mess up your shoes and make water stains on your bags. So my friend Maurice and I tipped into Pearl-they serve the best seafood in Atlanta. Located on Peters street, Pearl is an extremely pint size restaurant that's allways full with interesting and sometimes fashionable people. Sometimes. So let's get into the menu, one of my past favorite dishes were the hot wings and macaroni & cheese, that's before I joined the fashion religion-not eating much of anything, let alone fried foods. So my new favorite dish is the sauteed shrimp with red potatoes and salad. I can eat that everyday, and then I complete my order with the best thing on the menu, BANANA PUDDING.Don't get cute, I always split it in half with somebody. But if you're ever in the A, stop by Pearl aka Baltimore Seafood & Crab and tell the ladies that I sent you!!

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