PRESENTING: The "iCON" Chronicles

As a writer and contributor to this un-ordinary fashion & lifestyle blog, I can sometimes get caught up in the glitz and the glamour of the NOW and that sometimes overshadows what I should know and keep close to me, which is our PAST. Now for this particular STYLE ICON, you don't have to go back to far to interpret her importance because it was just a year ago that her life ended before she could even build onto the EMPIRE that she had already started. Known for her impeccable style and head-dress, I introduce to you one of my inspirations and MOGULS... Mrs. Isabella Blow.
Blow was born into a middle-class family of four (2 sisters & 1 brother) in London England. She soon relocated to New York City in 1979 and quickly became acquainted with the elite in the fashion industry including Anna Wintour, Andy Warhol, and Jean-Michel Basquiat (who reportedly she had relations with). She was initially hired at Vogue to assist Wintour but then later on backed Andre Leon Talley as his assistant. In 1986, Blow returned to London and worked for Michael Roberts who was then the fashion director of Tatler and the Sunday Times Style magazine.
Shortly after her return she met and married her second husband and was introduced to Philip Treacy. Treacy designed the bride's wedding headdress's and a now-famous fashion relationship was formed. Blow established Treacy in her mother-in-law's basement flat, where he worked on his collections for two years. Blow eventually appeared, wearing a Treacy hat, in the 2004 Wes Anderson film, The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou. This is when she took over the scene with these "avant-garde" head pieces. The thing that made her noticed.

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Izzy as they called her, not only was a style mogul, but she was always trying to help and bring others to the forefront. In 1993, Blow worked with photographer Steven Meisel producing the "Babes in London" shoot featuring Plum Sykes, Bella Freud, and Honor Fraser. Isabella Blow had a natural sense of style and a good feeling for future fashion directions. She later discovered Alexander McQueen and purchased his entire graduate collection paying him off bi-weekly.
(Isabella Blow & Alexander McQueen)

After spotting Sophie Dahl, Blow described her as an "blow-up doll with brains" and helped catapult her career as a notable model in the industry. According to Vanity Fair, she also was responsible for the resurgence of the crystal/rhinestone firm Swarovski after convincing her designer friends to use the company's products in their fashions and accessories department.
(Sophie Dahl & Izzy Blow)

Blow became the fashion director for Tatler Magazine and consulted for DuPont Lycra, Lacoste, and Swarovski. Shortly afterwards Blow became highly depressed and saddened by her life, and no one really knew why. She attempted suicide a NUMEROUS amount of times before finally executing it properly on May 26, 2007. She in-took the weedkiller Paraquat, that caused her to be in the hospital for two days before she passed. Her coffin, made of willow, was surmounted by one of her Philip Treacy hats instead of a floral tribute. She was buried in Guards Chapel in London on September 18, 2007. Blow will always be a legend in the fashion industry because of her drive and admiration for creative others. I am elated that she was able to grace this Earth so that I may have had the opportunity to learn about her life.... THE Isabella Blow.