Style Block: Reebok, Model Phish Edition

So I have never been a fan of Reeboks but they have been a very popular shoe in our generation of living. Since the demise of them, which was brought about by Vans, Chucks, and other funky shoes, they have been brought back to life. No... not by an athlete or a rapper.. but by BEAT MODEL PHISH! Spanish singer and model Bimba Bose, supermodel Agyness Deyn, DJ Nikki Beatnik and French singer Yelle all teamed up to celebrate the European launch of the Reebok Freestyle Cities Collection this week in Paris. The Reebok Freestyle World Tour Collection, which is aimed at recognizing ambitious women around the world, has allowed the company to add some eye-catching designs to the shoe.
Reebok toured the world coming up with sneakers and apparel for the six cities, Tokyo, Paris, New Delhi, Madrid, London and NYC. Each sneaker is paired with a rising star from the corresponding cities and will be released throughout the year.

((..they just may be doing something right))

iCON :)