Carta: The Queen Bee-Notorious Mug

"My bathroom is Chanel, my bedroom Louis Vuitton an office decorated in, Ralph Lauren..I got a, Versace couch and pillows I sleep on with the matchin' robe and slippers."-Lil Kim "Doing It Way Big"

I can't front, Im livin for Kim's mug, LIVING-maybe cause I been with her since '96. Only my real fashion G's know what Im talking, Kim schooled you on labels, admit it or not. I don't care what she does with her mug she's still the QUEEN. It actually sits/look flawless in person, yeah we kicked it in nyc a few times. I like the fact that Kim never looks the same when she tips out,-you can't let these people see or know your next move. Kim has a small cameo (as herself) in the upcoming Sex and the City movie, which is due for theatrical release at the end of May.

She leaked a mix tape Ms. G.O.A.T. but I can't stand Funkmaster Flex screaming over each track so here's a new joint with her and Ray-J "I Like To Trick"

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